Fallout 4 Vault Tec DLC

Jason Golling

Fallout 4’s DLC is winding down, the Vault Tec DLC is the second to last planned DLC, and Nuka World is set to release before the end of this month. The Vault Tec DLC is unique because it finally lets fans build their own vault. On top of that it also has the added benefit of having a storyline with it (although it is short). Below are what I saw as the pros and cons of this new DLC

  • Settlement items that are clean
  • You can now give your settlers pipboys
  • You can build Vault Tec structures above ground and in any settlement
  • Vault 88 has a massive cave system with many difficult fights.
  • A new quest line
  • Some actions (such as adding windows) is very glitchy
  • The quest line is quite short

The one thing that needed to be added to the settlement building is clean settlement items. Since the release of Fallout 4 you seem to be free to do many things except for put a fresh layer of paint on your brand new house, now with the Vault Tec DLC you can do just that. There are many furniture items and even a bed that doesn’t look like it was recovered from the bottom of a lake, unlike the original textures. On top of that they also have added new Vault Tec reactors that you can use which produce much more energy than any past powersource, and to top it off they are nearly silent.

While there is only one underground location for you to build your vault, Bethesda made sure that all of the new additions to the settlement system also work above ground in any settlement, this also includes a mini vault door for above ground use. On top of all of this you can now also dress your settlers up as vault dwellers pip boy and all.

Another welcome addition to the game with this DLC is the open spaces found inside of Vault 88, while exploring you will undoubtedly find many creatures lurking in the dark. While they are based off of your level just to give you an idea I found a Mirelurk Queen surrounded by other types of Mirelurks, and in other rooms I found Deathclaws and enough Radscorpions that I ran out of mini nukes (I’m level 51 in case you were wondering).

While there were many good things about the Vault Tec DLC there have to be issues as well. For instance while making the vault above ground I had many issues where the windows would not snap into place making it quite difficult to accommodate them in the vault. Also some different vault pieces will randomly have trouble working.

Lastly I wanted to talk about the quest involved, the quest, while enjoyable, was only about one to two hours long, while that is a bit disappointing this introduces the vault experiments that you can conduct on your vault dwellers. While they are less sinister than the ones Vault Tec themselves did they still offered some interesting choices.

Rating: Buff


If you enjoyed any or all of the past settlement DLC’s or if you would like to see a change in how you build settlements this DLC is for you and will help hold you over until Nuka World later this month.

All in all, the Vault Tec DLC was by far the best settlement DLC for Fallout 4, not only did we get new settlement items, but we also were treated to a small questline, a new location to explore and an entirely new theme for the settlements.


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