8 Reasons That Skyrim is Better Than Fallout 4

Jason Golling

Let me just start by saying that I like both games, I have rated both of them and you can read those reviews where I gave Fallout 4 9/10 and Skyrim 10/10. Both games are solid open world RPGs that you will find yourself getting lost in for hours. Below are the reasons that Skyrim is better than Fallout 4.

Better Dialog

My first reason is the dialog, in Skyrim they do not have any voiced protagonist, which opens up the dialog options dramatically. Another plus of not having the voiced protagonist is that the conversations that you have with people are far less likely to be railroaded, this allows for you to play as the character that you want to be more so than play as the character that the game makers think you ought to be. In addition to that as I’m sure many of you know in Fallout 4 the options of what you can and can’t say are limited to the following:

  • Yes/ positive
  • No/ negative
  • Sarcastic/ other
  • Questioning/ other

Many more side quests

Skyrim has so many side quests that your average gamer (or seasoned gamer for that matter) will most likely never play all of the different quests. When I say a lot I mean like around 430 quests in the game! Fallout 4 does not even come close to that number. An argument could be made to say quality over quantity, but you would have to keep in mind that the dark brotherhood questline is about as long as the main faction quest and not only is is one of the most memorable quest lines in a Bethesda game ever it is also an OPTIONAL quest line that most people never even found without looking it up.

Magic and Shouts

Another thing that Fallout 4 cannot compete with is that they don’t have anything that can even come close to comparing with the magic and shouts that can be done in Skyrim. Basically the magic and shouts are a unlimited use (some terms apply) ranged attack that you will only need to wait for the magica bar to regenerate. Whereas every single ranged attack in Fallout 4 needs ammo. It would be kind of cool if they had a weapon (as in Fallout: New Vegas) that had unlimited ammo, but with the catch of having low damage so that you could have a backup gun.

Less Generic Fetch Quests

At this point Fallout 4 has become iconic due to Preston Garvey always telling you that there is another settlement to help and the quests turn out to be generic go there kill that and repeat over and over again. Every faction has at least one of these rinse and repeat quests (Brotherhood of steel has more) and they can be quite annoying sometimes. Whereas Skyrim has only one of these types of quests (that I can think of) and in order to even get to it you need to beat a lengthy quest line for that faction, and even then it is actually a great place to farm for money, so it ends up being worth it.

Enchanting Weapons and Armor

As far as weapons and armor goes Fallout 4 does great, however it falls short in one area where Skyrim exceeds at. What I mean by that is item enchantments allow your gear in Skyrim to have that extra punch that we all want. You may argue that Fallout 4 does have its legendary system where you can get all of these practically enchanted armor, however there are a few problems with it. First and foremost is that in Skyrim you can enchant weapons and armor, however in Fallout 4 you cannot add the legendary rating on your weapons or armor. In Fallout 4 the best way to get legendary equipment is to kill legendary creatures or people. The only problem with this is it seems almost all of the legendary equipment that shows up is leather shoulder pads and pipe weapons (which suck) and you won’t use anyway.

Leveling System

Next I wanted to talk about the leveling system that both of these games have. I will first explain Fallout 4, as you kill enemies, finish quests, or modify weapons you will gain XP, when you get enough XP you can put one perk towards either your SPECIAL ranks or you can put it towards perks that will increase your abilities. This seems to be a pretty standard system, however when you compare it with Skyrim’s leveling system it seems much too basic and exploitable. The following is how Skyrim’s leveling system operates, as you use certain skills you will gain XP under that skill. For example if you were to use a ton of your smithing skill your smithing skill will rank up. When you have enough skills rank up you will level up it is at this time where you will get one perk to spend and use on any of your skills. So if you were to level your smithing a ton you would not be able to make yourself suddenly good at sneaking (as you can do in Fallout 4). This seems to be a better system (especially for a RPG style game) in order to make cheating the system harder.


In Skyrim there are horses so that when you cannot (or don’t want to) fast travel you can get somewhere fast. Fallout 4 has no equivalent, if you want to get somewhere and you have not been there you are stuck with walking (no horse to steal). It would be nice if you could train and ride something like a radstag. That way you would be able to ride something and it would still fit in with the lore. Also what did happen to horses, I mean there are not a ton of horses but there sure are more horses than say scorpions or deathclaws.

More Cities with Established Laws and Guards

I know that when the bombs went off it destroyed everything, but you would think that that people would be able to rebuild at least a loose structure of society in 200 years, after all the USA is just about 240 years old as of right now why couldn’t they have at least more than one large city with laws (kind of) and guards.

In the end of it all, Fallout 4 is a great game however they could have done better with it as they have shown in the past with Skyrim and yes I do know that a few of these reasons could be the reason that someone may like it more than Skyrim, but this is my take on it.


Why not love it then?

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