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The Punisher is Coming to Netflix!

The Punisher is coming to Netflix to defend the innocent! “For the guilty there is no escape from my justice.”

Poofy Haired Jigglypuff

Just what is Jigglypuff looking at?

“It’s wingardium leviOsa, not leviosAH.”

Do you want to know how to bring the Harry Potter franchise to life? What better way than through a bit of Cosplay?

Villains Vault – Ares

The God of War has been here for eons, but what do you really know about him?

Hall of Heroes – Superman

What do you know about Superman?

The Live Action Beauty and the Beast Receives Teaser Trailer

Ben Flygare On the morning of May 23 we got to see our first magical look into the world of the live action rendition of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. And oh how it is magical The teaser starts with a snow covered shot of Beast’s castle and begins with the all...

Suicide Squad Review

A brief surface-review of one of the most anticipated films of the summer: Suicide Squad.

What is the Ruusan Reformation?

The Russan Reformations is one of the most overarching and profound events within the Star Wars universe, but what happened exactly?


Something…Inhuman…is coming.

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge, is a fantastic read that (in many ways) harkens back to the action adventure movies of the 1980s and 1990s, that once grabs hold of you can be a fight to put down. A wonderful addition to the MHI series.

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All the latest news about your favorite events and conventions, past, present, and future.

Stephen Amell SLCC2017 Guest

Stephen Amell has appeared in such shows as Arrow and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and is set to be one of the stars appearing at Salt Lake Comic Con 2017. Be aware that he will be there for only one day.

MTG and Lionsgate Strike Global Distribution Deal for Original Series

Looks like there is some great news from Lionsgate and MTG!

Viz Media Releases First in a New Series of Tokyo Ghoul Novels

If you are a fan of the Tokyo Ghouls series, you are in luck. Here is the latest information about this fun series!

Battlefield 1 Announcement

The next game in the Battlefront series has been announced, and surprisingly it is set to take place in WWI.

The Next Film in the “Fantastic Beasts” Series Is In the Works, Being Written By J.K. Rowling

Have you heard the latest information about the new Wizarding World movie series?

Three New Harry Potter Books will be Released Next Month

Today, the Pottermore website has announced that on September 6th, we will have three new eBooks written by J.K. Rowling to add to our collection of official Harry Potter canon. These three new entries to the wizarding universe are part of a series called, “Pottermore Presents”, which celebrates Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Pottermore Reveals New Writing by J.K. Rowling on MACUSA

The incredible J.K. Rowling has posted new some new background information regarding the Magical USA, definitely something that any true Harry Potter fan needs to read.

William Shatner to Appear in Salt Lake City Comic Con

Captain Kirk is beaming into the Salt Lake Comic Con for 2016.

FanX 2017 Celebrity Guest: Wallace Shawn

Do you want to go up against Vizinni in a classic battle of wits? Now’s your chance. He’s one of the many guests that are coming to Salt Lake Comic-Con’s 2017 FanX being held March 17th to 18th, 2017.

Michael Rooker at Salt Lake Comic Con

Salt Lake Comic Con has announced its first wave of guests!

Gaming –

Gaming related news. riumors, strategies, and information.

Fallout 4 Review

Jason Golling Bethesda achieves yet another large, and in depth open world RPG with Fallout 4. Here is a quick look at what I felt to be the major pro’s and con’s about this game. Pros - Fallout 4 is a huge and immersive world with much to discover. The new weapon...

Fallout 4 Season Pass Hindsight

Now that Fallout 4 has been out for just over a year and all the DLC is out lets take a look at how well it holds up.

How to Get 8 Items From One PokéStop

Have you ever noticed that you sometimes get 6-8 items from one Pokéstop? Have you ever wondered why? This article will tell you how to get a mega-spin on your Pokémon adventures around town.

Hall of Heroes – Master Chief

Spartan 117 is perhaps one of the most iconic video game characters currently gracing consoles…do you know his story?

E3 Bethesda Pre-Conference Prey

Announced by Bethesda prior to E3, it looks like Prey is a game to put on your wish list.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Review

Wolfenstein the Old Blood has the classic “let’s go kill Nazis” feel with some modern shooter tricks up its sleeve.

Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods

Overlook of the coming changes to the Meta and the introduction of Standard and Wild Formats.

Pokedex Update: Pokemon Sun and Moon

Besides the the three new starter pokemon there are seven others that you can expect to meet up with in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Take a look!

Skyrim Walkthrough: Daedra – Namira

The Daedra have some pretty messed up practices but this one may be the least moral of them all.

Valentine’s Day Event: Details Announced!

Pokémon GO had been feeling a little stale for the last month, but starting today, the long-anticipated Valentine’s Day Event is here to clear the drought!

Hall of Heroes –

Only the greatest of Heroes reside in the Hall…is your hero here?

Hall of Heroes – Harry Potter

Harry Potter is the “Chosen One” of the British Wizarding World, but what does the world really know about him?

Hall of Heroes – Captain America

Captain America is, unquestionably, one of the most patriotic heroes ever. Here is a little more information about the Sentinel of Liberty that you may not have known about.

Hall of Heroes – Master Chief

Spartan 117 is perhaps one of the most iconic video game characters currently gracing consoles…do you know his story?

Hall of Heroes – Rick Deckard

Deckard has been one of the most fantastic heroes from the movies in years, here is a little more information about this great characters.

Hall of Heroes – Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the most beloved characters in the DC comics, and one of the Trinity. But what makes her so special?

Hall of Heroes – Batman

The Dark Knight is considered one of the most influential characters in all of comics, let alone all of comics everywhere. Here’s a little bit of additional information about “The World’s Greatest Detective.”

Hall of Heroes – Superman

What do you know about Superman?

Hall of Heroes – Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker was, for the longest time the last Jedi standing and the one who tried to rebuild the Jedi Order. Here is his story.

Villains Vault –

There isn’t a larger collection of despicable, dark, and down right evil characters than what you can find in the Villans Vault.

Villains Vault – Lord Voldemort

While everyone knows what the Dark Lord did, the life of young Lord Voldedmort is shrouded in mystery. Take a look at the life of a young Tom Riddle, Jr.

Villains Vault – Roy Batty

Name – Roy Batty Alias – Nexus-6  Powers – Superhuman strength, endurance and pain resistance Superior combat prowess Arch Enemy – Rick Deckard Bio – Born into a brief life of servitude, Roy Batty had seen and experienced more in his four year of existence than most....

Villains Vault – The Prophets

The Prophets are the leaders of the Covenant Empire, ever want to know a bit of their back story?

Villains Vault – Ares

The God of War has been here for eons, but what do you really know about him?

Villains Vault – Lex Luthor

What do YOU know about Superman’s most iconic adversary?

Villains Vault – The Joker

Here is some fantastic information on one of the most horrific villains around – The Joker!

Villains Vault – Darth Vader

Darth Vader is one of the most iconic villains in history and here is his story.

Villains Vault – Red Skull

The Red Skull is one of the longest running, and most despicable, of all Marvel Villains, but what do you really know about him?


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