Fallout 4: Walkthrough – Getting a Clue


Getting a Clue is the next quest in the main storyline, and takes place immediately after finishing Unlikely Valentine. As you prepare yourself for this next quest (which is a relatively quick one) be on the lookout for these particular items and locations:

  • Kellogg’s House Key
  • Diamond City

At the end of an Unlikely Valentine you end up in Nick Valentine’s office in Diamond City, and are getting ready to have a little chat with Nick about what is going on, and why you need his help. You would think that with you having just saved him he would be more than willing to help you out with your little problem of Shaun. Instead, as you go through the dialogue options with him you will find out that the needs a little additional help from you prior to being able to help locate your missing “friend.”

Don’t be too worried or frustrated about this seeming delay though, since you find out why Nick is wanting your help so much. It turns out that Kellogg (the man that you will be looking into) has abducted some children in the past, and could be up to his old games again. Nick would like you to go with him to the house that Kellogg has, and look around. Unfortunately, when you arrive at Kellogg’s home you find it locked tight, and you can’t pick the lock unless you are at master level on your lock picking skill. Your only option is to now head over to the Mayor’s office, where you will find Piper arguing with the Mayor’s assistant, Geneva. In order to get the key that you need, you have three options to choose from: pass a charisma check with the Mayor, steal the key from the safe (while hidden by the television), or bribe Geneva (it’ll cost you 250 caps to do so).

With your key now in hand, head back to Nick Valentine at Kellogg’s house and open the door. The house is going to look fairly abandoned, and Nick will even comment on this, but don’t leave without looking around. You will find a red button under the desk which will open a secret door. When you look inside the door, you will find quite a bit of extra food, ammo, and even a few half smoked cigars that were presumably smoked by Kellogg. Be sure that you take these, as Dogmeat can potentially track Kellogg using the smell from them.

Once you head outside and show Dogmeat the cigars two things will now happen. The first is that the Reunions quest is now active, meaning that this quest is now done. Secondly, Nick will offer to be your companion if you have no other helpers (Dogmeat doesn’t count). The choice is yours, just make sure that you are ready to proceed on your way to the next quest.


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