Five things I don’t want to see in Homefront: the Revolution

Jason Golling

Based on what we have seen so far, Homefront: the Revolution has potential…a LOT of it. Currently all indications are pointing to this game being a LOT of fun, however we have been burned before. Here are a list of things that I hope the game is able to avoid when it is finally released.

1. Crappy Gameplay Mechanics

For example, the game has shown that you can modify your weapons during the battle, and stealth/hit and run tactics are also shown. What I don’t want to see is for these aspects of the game play to not work as well as they appear to in the game, thus ruining the effect of the game.  For instance I don’t want to be sitting in the dark 20 feet away from someone while a tank is going by and then they hear me walking and go to investigate. Too many games have done dumb things like this that can ruin the stealth function of the game. In addition I also don’t want to see it happen where you can walk five feet in front of someone in broad daylight and they don’t see you. This would ruin the game play and make the game suck.

2. Short or Bad Story

You know what really grinds my gears… a game where the story takes all of three hours to finish and then you are left wondering where the rest of the game is. Another horrible thing that some games put you through is when you are playing the story and it is just a bad story. Whether it be from the game taking way too long to get to the point, or if the story is not interesting it can ruin a game when the story does not impress.

3. Lack of Player Freedom

Not having adequate freedom for the player is another thing that could potentially  ruin Homefront: the Revolution. There is very little that is worse than not being able to do what you want to do in a game. For instance, the upcoming Homefront game is currently stated to be an open world game. In order for them to be successful they will need to have something other than the main story line in the (hopefully) huge open world that it is set in. This would mean some sort of side mission or raids that you can do that are not directly related to the story. In addition to the side missions it needs to be made so that you don’t feel as if you can only go down certain roads. 

4. No Offline Gameplay

Always online games are annoying for many reasons, one of them being that if you wish to pause the game to say, answer the door, or use the restroom if it is an online only game you will either need to finish your current mission or find a safe spot as you cannot pause the game. This is especially annoying in racing and FPS games (I’m looking at you Need for Speed: Rivals and Tom Clancy’s the Division) often times in games you won’t even be in any sort of online match or anything with anyone and the game still does not allow you to pause. I mean why not, why should I be able to pause the game that I bought and am playing on the system that I also bought!!! What kind of logic is that?!? Other annoying things in online only games include but are not limited to “lost connection to server returning to main menu”, signing in please wait….

sign in successful (finally), and anyone who has ever played Dark Souls knows “Invaded by Dark Spirit” always shows up right after you run out of Estus. Anyways as I was saying always online is one of many ways to annoy people.

5. Microtransactions

The final entry on what I don’t want to see in Homefront: The Revolution is possibly one of the worst things that a video game can arguably ever do: MICROTRANSACTIONS. Microtransactions for those of you that don’t know is when you pay real money for something in game that will help you to win or just to look cool. If done well they can avoid being annoying, such as the microtransactions involved in World of tanks where you can buy gold in order to do things you can’t with the game’s regular money, however they are balanced with experience which you still need to buy things and you can’t buy (as of yet) which keeps people from being able to buy their way to the top rather than become better and actually grind (which can be fun). However most games that do microtransactions abuse them such as Clash of Clans where you can buy your way 100% and progress just by spending money.


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