Four Things I Want to See in Doom

Jason Golling

The upcoming game Doom is soon to be released, and the beta had quite a few negative reviews. After reading through some of these reviews and thinking about what they should have in order to make a killer game, here is a list of four things that will make it a good game in my book.

1. Large number of weapons and enemies

One thing that they need to get right is to have weapon variety. With increased weapon variety there will be more ways to play and therefore more replay value. However it is possible to get off with lower weapon variety if you can balance all of them very well to make it a hard choice on whether or not you use this gun or that gun, make it so that ammo is not the reason we are choosing what weapon to use. Another thing similar thing to this is to have enough variety in enemies and their attack movements in order to avoid the game becoming too repetitive, granted this won’t be an issue for the online multiplayer as each player is unique, but this would be very important on the story mode.

2. Long , challenging, and rewarding story mode

This is one of the most important things that can help a game to be successful and frankly many games are not having adequate story modes anymore. When I say that I want a long story mode I mean I want a story mode that is at least 12 hours long preferably something more like 16-18 hours long though. Another thing that I think (and hope) they will take from their Wolfenstein games is to be stealthy (to an extent) this way it can more to different playstyles and could dramatically increase the replay value of Doom.

3. Intense multiplayer and good servers

Another important aspect of Doom that needs to come out strong is the multiplayer functionality. This has been the focus for many FPS games recently and for good reason, online matches are quite enjoyable and can increase the longevity of the game dramatically. As the flip-side to that coin if the multiplayer is awesome, but then the servers are constantly lagging and crashing it can ruin the entire multiplayer functionality.

4. Overall smooth and enjoyable gameplay

The most important thing for a game to have is to just be a fun game, often times we will find these games that either had so much potential to be the biggest game of the year, and they fall out because in the end the game just isn’t enjoyable, or maybe they are super finely polished and then they fail to deliver because they are just not very fun.

These are the things that, if added, would make Doom a massive hit and very successful even given the negative reviews that the beta has gotten. What do you think? Do you  agree with my list, or do you think it is garbage. Maybe you think I missed a key element. If you do please leave a comment and we can discuss it in the days leading up to release.


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