Namor Has Come Home

Ben Flygare

On the latest episode of Kevin Smith’s podcast, “Fat Man on Batman,” Marvel’s CCO Joe Quesada gave us some wonderful news on Marvel’s oldest super hero: Namor is back home in the House of Ideas. For quite some years it was always a topic of confusion on where the film rights of the Sub-Mariner were. For quite a few years there were reports that Universal owned his rights along with the Hulk but others said that Namor belonged to Fox considering his extensive ties with the Fantastic Four and mutants.

This is great news because we can finally see Namor on the silver screen alongside our beloved heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Concerning when we would see the King of Atlantis on the screen, Joe said that he “could neither confirm or deny” on if it would be soon. Regardless, this is an exciting time for Marvel fans! IMPERIUS REX!


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