Pokemon Sun and Moon Update!

Ben Flygare

Today was another very exciting day for Pokemon fans as we got another great peek at the new games Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon!

With today’s announcement and trailer we finally got the names of the two new legendaries that will be present in their respective games. Those who choose Pokemon Sun will get to look forward to catching the mighty and noble lion Pokemon, Solgaleo. Solgaleo is a Psychic and Steel type with the ability of Full Metal Body, which allows no stat changes to the Pokemon regardless of Ability. Solgaleo will also be able to use the exclusive Steel move, Sunsteel Strike.

Lunala is the name of the legendary of those who pick Pokemon Moon. Lunala is a Psychic and Ghost type with the ability, Shadow Shield which will allow Lunala to take less damage if it has full HP. Lunala has the exclusive Ghost type move, Moongeist Blast.

No other new Pokemon got revealed with the trailer but we also have some names to people we saw in the first trailer as well as some new people. We also got a great look at the designs of the characters we will be able to play as.

Professor Kukui will be the professor of the Alola region and will definitely be one of the most eccentric professors we have had to date! He looks to be a carefree guy who wears his white lab coat loosely over a shirtless body.

Lillie is the newcomer we have yet to see so far and is the mysterious assistant to Kukui, She is the same age as your character and has personal reasons to be Kakui’s assistant. She loves to read and is not fond of having Pokemon fight with each other.

When the first trailer was shown I had pegged the rival as soon as I saw him and today it was confirmed! Meet Hau, your fun loving, food loving, and Pokemon rival in the Alola region! Upon your character moving to Alola, the big hearted Hau makes friends with you instantly. I really love the design of this character and is the first rival in a while that I am really excited to learn more about.

The other thing I am really excited about is the Alola region itself. We get to see a beautiful art piece that shows the four massive islands that consist of the region. The fact that we will be able to travel island to island is something that really makes me crave this game even more. As I said in my previous announcement, I am a huge fan of tropical settings and islands and the Alola region will definitely be my favorite region.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are introducing some very interesting new feature very unique to these games. The first feature is that the Pokedex that you will obtain is very special because it has a Rotom living inside. Rotom is a Ghost/Electric type Pokemon that likes to live in and possess electronic devices. With Rotom living in your Pokedex you will be able to communicate with it and receive a new take on the Pokedex!

The other new feature of the game is using the QR scanner to meet new Pokemon. You will be able to create QR codes on your 3DS system to allow other players to scan them and register them in their Pokedex. This new feature will allow exploring and meeting new species of Pokemon a lot faster and easier. I also speculate that Generation 7 will be introducing a lot more species of Pokemon than Generation 6 did and this allows you to fill your Pokedex that much quicker.

Pokemon Sun and Moon arrive in Japan and North America on November 18, 2016 and November 23, 2016 in the UK. Look forward to more coverage as we learn it!


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