Skyrim: Walkthrough: Daedra - Vaermina

Jason Golling

The world of Skyrim has many Daedric lords, one of which is known as Vaermina the prince (Daedra are not gender specific) of corruption. When you find this Daedra, it is terrorizing an entire city of people. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to stop this from happening (don’t worry there is a way you can still be evil in this for you sick minded people). The rewards of finishing this quest line is one of two things. You can either get a new follower, or you can get a pretty cool looking staff called the Skull of Corruption.

In order to get one of these two rewards, you need to start the quest titled “Waking Nightmare”, this can be started by entering the inn located in Dawnstar. When you arrive, you will find two people talking to a priest named Erandur about reoccurring nightmares that everyone in the city is experiencing. Erandur will calm them down, and then when you talk to him he will ask for your help to fix the problem that is plaguing the city. Should you choose to help him he will briefly tell you about what is happening and he will tell you the rest just before entering the large building on the top of the nearby mountain. Long story short…this was a temple to Vaermina, and a bunch of orcs got mad that they were getting the nightmares as well so they attacked the followers of Vaermina. The followers of Vaermina were losing the battle and didn’t want anyone to stop their ritual so they released a gas known as the Miasma which caused everyone who was still alive to go into a state of sleeping and they have all been in a coma like state kept alive by magic.

You will then follow Erandur into the building, he will open a hidden door through which you will follow him and come across an impassable barrier. It is at this point when he informs you that he used to be one of those followers of Vaermina, however when the Miasma was released he ran rather than be forced into sleep. Shortly after telling you this he remembers that there might be a way past it however it could be risky and just to be sure he wants to check a book that is in the library. You will then have to clear out the library and find the book titled “The Dreamstride”. Upon giving the book to Erandur he will say that the only way to get past the wall would be to drink the potion known as Vaermina’s Torpor, this potion will allow the individual drinking it to travel in the real world based on memories of another. He also mentions to you that this is very dangerous and may not work, and as he is a priest of Mara he cannot drink it and actually have it work (or so he says). You will need to go down the hall to the laboratory and you can then find it sitting on a shelf of a lower level.

Once you drink Vaermina’s Torpor you will be transported to the memory of one of the priests of Vaermina (whose body you can’t find strangely) you will be on the bottom floor and you will be seeing everything fuzzy and trippy, all that you need to do is follow the orders from the other two guys next to you and run upstairs to pull a ring that releases the Miasma. Following that you will appear as your own charactor on the backside of the wall. Just grab the soul gem that is powering the wall and Erandur will catch up with you.

Now retrace your steps back to the bottom floor, and you will be confronted by the same two guys who ordered you to release the Miasma before, they (as with everyone else) will turn hostile to you, and after they are dead you will then have the choice to be the hero or the villain. Erandur will run up to the skull of corruption and he will destroy the shield and try to destroy the staff. If you want the staff (and don’t mind being evil) kill him and claim your prize. Then those of you who are more morally upstanding can then let him destroy it and Erandur will become a follower you can have.


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