Some of The Greatest Games to Look Forward to in 2018


There are (as always) literally dozens, if not hundreds, of new video games that we can expect to see each year, but the further we get into the year more and more information is being released. As such, gamers have finally been able to obtain a better idea of what we can actually expect to see and are finally allowed to get beyond the hype surrounding a particular studio or franchise name. Here are some of the greatest video games that the gamers here at iGeekOut are looking forward to getting our hands on.

Kingdom Hearts III

I nearly cried when I found out this sequel was announced, and I wasn’t the only one. Although there have been numerous spin-offs and remakes, it’s been nearly 13 years since the sequel to Kingdom Hearts II was announced. With a unique cast comprised of both Final Fantasy and Disney characters, Kingdom Hearts has made a lasting impression on many video game enthusiasts. Plus, from Traverse Town to Big Hero 6’s San Fransokyo there will be plenty to interact with. We can’t wait to kick off the next chapter with Sora, Donald, and Goofy.

Far Cry 5

From a tropical island between the Indian and Pacific to the Himalayan Mountains, and even the Stone Age, Ubisoft seems determined to take us all over the place in their Far Cry games. Now, it looks like Ubisoft has shifted their sights to Montana. Except this time, we’re dropped into a civil war sparked by a doomsday prepping cult. There’s plenty of characters to recruit and action to go around. Just make sure you watch out for the bear.

A Way Out

Not too long ago, playing a game with some of your friends on the same screen was the norm. Now, it seems the emphasis lies within enhancing the single-player experience, and even if there is any cooperative action, it’s rare it’d be with anyone in the same room. That is, until A Way Out. Although it hasn’t been confirmed if local co-op will be featured, A Way Out is unique in that it requires cooperation between you and another player. At the very least, you and another online player work together to break out of prison.  This opens up the way for a whole bunch of possibilities. One player could be keep a lookout for prison guards and the other need to gather any necessary escape tools. Hopefully, this brings back some of cooperative gameplay that a lot of us have been itching for.


Playing as creature who evolves to have different abilities and strength the more you explore, Biomutant looks to be a game trying to shake up the open-world action RPG genre.  Guns, swords, and kung-fu help make Biomutant look like the oriental open-world action RPG we never knew we wanted. An engaging story, beautiful graphics, and fluid combat system all demonstrate just how much potential this game has really shake up modern RPGs. Then there’s the unique levelling system. Although the specifics are a little hazy, the trailer suggests that the player’s avatar changes as levelling choices are made. Faster speed might result in longer legs, more health could be a tankier build, the list goes on. At the very least, Biomutant looks like it’ll be pretty great.

We Happy Few

We Happy Few seems be the latest addition to morality-based games like the Bioshock series. The player tries to escape an dystopian society set in a retro-futuristic London setting. Just like there were many points within Bioshock that had no clear right or wrong, We Happy Few seems to excel in presenting a multitude of moral dilemmas for the player to solve. Giving in to societal pressure and taking your “happy”, an artificial drug used for suppression, allows the player to fit into society easier and become less of a target. However, the world then becomes distorted and lulls the player into a false, even dangerous, sense of security. The opposite is also true. Not taking your “happy” can attract unwanted hostility, but helps the player see the world as it really is. The trick is maintaining the right balance and making the right choices as you try to escape.

Code Vein

In Code Vein, unique enemies, overly-flashy moves, and gigantic bosses all come together in this gift that is part anime and part Dark Souls. Known for its difficulty, Dark Souls tries to push its players to the max and Code Vein seems no different. Strategic thinking, quick reflexes, and grit are what you’ll need to get through this beautifully designed game. One of the most interesting differences however, is your AI companion Mia. She can help you in a myriad of ways such as distracting the enemy so you have the chance to send off a spell, take some time to heal, or get in a few hits of your own. But perhaps the most interesting is the fact that Mia can revive the player even after he or she has gone down. That’s pretty significant. Regardless, I can’t wait until this game releases so I can get my fix of difficult dungeon crawling.


Anthem is by far one of the most anticipated games for the near future. Although EA hasn’t had much luck with recent games such as Star Wars Battlefront II or Mass Effect: Andromeda, we know they’re quite capable of making incredible games. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic comes to mind. If the game is anywhere near what the trailer promises, we’ll have an immense world to explore, perfectly customizable mech suits, and hundreds worth of gameplay to enjoy. From the silky-smooth gameplay, ability to play with your friends, and sheer amount of potential the trailer alone provides, it’s not hard to see why players can’t wait for this game to come out.

Red Dead Redemption 2

The fact that this is a Red Dead Redemption title should say everything there is to consider about this game. But if you’re unfamiliar with the first game, much of the gaming community agreed Red Dead Redemption was an epic American Western classic. Similar to how Skyrim brought a refreshing take on action-adventure fantasy games, Red Dead Redemption marked itself among the very best of its genre. Capturing outlaws, bringing order to the Wild West, or becoming a desperado yourself were what Red Dead Redemption did best. It made the player feel as if they were John Marston (the main character). And that is the mark of a truly excellent game.

Sea of Thieves

If there is a genre that has ever struggled to find a stable market, I would dare say it would be pirates. At the very least, that’s true for video games. I mean, try to name another decent pirate game that’s come out in the last 20 years besides Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag and The Secret of Monkey Island. Sea of Thieves looks like it could be a game that will be remembered. In fact, with its unique animation, expansive world to explore, and interesting characters, Sea of Thieves looks to reignite some interest in the genre.  Here’s to hoping it works.


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