Storm Predictions: The Return of the Mighty Thor?

Ben Flygare

In the summer of 2014 we were shocked when Marvel announced that Thor would lose his worthiness of wielding his mystic hammer, Mjolnir, and it would be taken up by a mysterious woman who would replace him as “Thor.” Originally, when I had heard this announcement I was very bitter. Thor is by far my favorite comic book hero and has always been very dear to my heart. I gave the new Thor a chance and despite my bias against her, I kind of liked the new series. Jason Aaron is the writer of the series and he has proved himself to know what he doing with both the original and the new Thor. God of Thunder was one of my favorite runs of my favorite character since Dan Jurgen and Walt Simonson. If he could do that why couldn’t he make this new one enjoyable.

As time went on we had learned that this mysterious woman was, in fact, Jane Foster. That had brought my bitterness back. I had been dreading that kind of thing from the beginning and now it had manifested itself. Jane has always been one the most uninteresting and most boring characters in the the Thor and Marvel mythos. The whole time we were trying to uncover her identity, I was praying to the gods that it wasn’t her and that it would be Freya or Sif. The gods didn’t listen. Regardless, I pushed on in my collecting of the series and still enjoying it for the most part. Why? Because I craved what was happening with the Thor I knew and loved.

Since the announcing of the change of character I had hoped that Marvel would do another series to go with Jane’s series that would follow Thor on his path of redemption. I waited each month for some kind of announcement of that nature but was disappointed each day. Until yesterday. Yesterday, Marvel announced their new Thor series titled, The Unworthy Thor, that would be rolling out as part of Marvel’s new “Marvel NOW!” line of series. The series will follow Thor as he becomes worthy of the Mjolnir that was left behind in our universe after the death the Ultimate Thor in the Secret Wars title, Thors. In that series, we follow Leif, who is actually the Thor of the Ultimate Universe, as he tries to solve a series of murders across Battleworld (if you want more info on these events, please read Secret Wars  and Secret Wars: Thors). The series ends after four issues with the fall of Leif and his hammer flying off throughout space to land where Asgard once stood. It had been resting there awaiting Thor to reclaim it, and reclaim it he has.

This is a very interesting twist to the story and one I am actually very excited to delve into. Like I previously stated, this is exactly what I wanted. Ever since Original Sin where Nick Fury whispered some mysterious saying in Thor’s ear to make him drop the hammer for good, I had been waiting for his story and his journey. I hope that in The Unworthy Thor we can see him develop from being “unworthy” to being able to hold his own hammer again, as well as finally figuring out what the one eyed bastard actually said to him. The series could take a lot of turns as Thor learns what it means (again) to be worthy.

With this though, there are some questions that pop into mind concerning the new series. Will Thor and Jane fight alongside? I am almost positive that they will but I am hoping that it will be kept very minimal. I want this to be solely on my main man. The next question is where will it take place? Like all great Thor stories, I imagine that it will take place throughout all the Ten Realms and maybe even beyond. Thor has a long journey ahead of him and I can’t imagine it will take place in only a few places. The last question is the biggest for me. If Thor is worthy of the Ultimate Universe’s hammer, why is he not worthy of our’s? I really hope that this is explained in a very logical way but sometimes comics have really dumb ways of explaining things. The inscription on the Ultimate Mjolnir is exactly the same as the 616’s version. It reads, “Whosoever wields this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” Once again, if he’s worthy of wielding one, why can’t he wield both? I guess we will see. Perhaps he is not ready to take his back and wishes Jane to keep it. Who knows?

This fall will be a very exciting time for me and I truly look forward to seeing what happens to Thor in The Unworthy Thor. Stay tuned for more Storm Predictions as we learn more!


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