The Harry Potter Effect

Jason Vanover

In yet another attempt to demonize “The Donald,” a paper published in the special issue of PS: Political Science and Politics postulates that people who read Harry Potter have a less then favorable attitude toward Donald Trump. The reason is that the Harry Potter series is about the resistance of oppression and the need for acceptance. Oppression and intolerance are two things Mr. Trump has been accused of pushing in his agenda.

We can take this article two ways; we could talk about the possibility of a political agenda on the author’s part or we can dive into something much more interesting, the fact that Harry Potter can change the thinking of an entire generation. After reading the seven Harry Potter books your worldview could be altered. With around 450 million copies sold that effect has a long and far reach.

In my opinion I think it’s great that a story like Harry Potter can carry such a strong and needed message. It is a tribute to J.K. Rowling that this story can have such an effect. I think Science fiction in general has sparked many technical revolutions with all the hope and intrigue these stories about what could be can be for all of the readers. Authors like Jules Verne or H.G. Wells opened up our minds to many new ideas and opportunities that have shaped our society and the way we see humanity. I can’t wait to see what science fiction gives us next.


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