What I Want from Trinity

Brian Peterson

With the announcement of the Rebirth of the DC comic universe one of the upcoming titles is Trinity featuring Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. I am absolutely stoked to get my hands on this. While I am already a huge fan of the caped crusader and the man of steel, Wonder Woman is a hero I have only really appreciated in the last few years. DC could have comic gold on their hands if they handle this correctly, since the dynamic between these three super heroes is vastly different and unique. From god to demi-god to man they all have their own personalities and struggles that make the reader gravitate towards one of them.

I want to see Superman be the moral backbone of the team. As the strongest member of the trinity it would be a shame to me if DC doesn’t use Superman’s moral compass as a pillar of strength and guidance for the others. Seeing a harsher Batman and a war-forged Wonder Woman having to learn how to not only deal with but live by Superman’s lofty beliefs will create some fascinating interpersonal dialogue that will be delightful to see come to page. Clark also needs to have his own struggles with his beliefs and determining whether or not they are correct for the given situation. I do not want him to throw what makes him who he is away but he should have to make really tough decisions regarding his beliefs and he should have to stick up for them as well.

Batman needs to show us that he truly is the “World’s Greatest Detective.” This aspect of Batman’s mythos I feel has been lacking as of late, While Batman is still Batman it would be delightful to see him pull some Sherlock Holmes level of super sleuthing. He needs to be the team’s go to for direction. With Clark being a reporter and Diana being a warrior princess they both are not as well equipped to determine what may be going on. Bruce shouldn’t spend all his time in the bat cave either, he needs to be in the forefront lurking in the shadows as the stealth element of the trio. A new mech-suit like the Hell Bat suit he used to pummel Darkseid with would be comic candy for Batman fans. This would be a cool tool to have in the arsenal to pull out in time of great need.

Wonder Woman has to be a commanding presence that keeps the boys in check. In the day and age where comics are having to be more PC it is easy to think Wonder Woman is just the token plug in so there is a female character in the comic. Let me make this clear, Wonder Woman is a wonderfully designed hero who can go toe to toe with anyone in the DC or Marvel universe. I want to see DC portray her as both the beautiful kind princess and the battle hardened warrior who commands the respect of other due to this status. Her character needs to be powerful but not overbearing. With Batman and Superman being opposite sides of the same coin she will have to keep the both of them in check, depending on what point of Bruce and Clark’s relationship we will be seeing they are could still be closer to enemies than allies.

I am expecting to see some new villains for the three to overcome as well as some familiar faces from each of their respective universes. Don’t find yourself too surprised if they have to fend off Darkseid or stop the might of Aries. With a release date set for this fall and as a monthly release you will have plenty of time to go update your subscription at your local shop. DC is also lowering their comic prices to $2.99 an issue. With DC promising that the biggest secret on the DC universe being shared with Rebirth I for one can’t wait to be pulled in.


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