What is Bethesda planning?

Jason Golling

The E3 conference is approaching and Bethesda has reserved much more time than they have ever reserved, on top of that Todd Howard said on twitter that Bethesda is working on three projects all of which are out of the ordinary. I have loved nearly every game Bethesda has released since I first started playing their games with The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, given that I am excited to see what they are planning and what they decide to say about it next week. Below are a few of my theories about what they are going to release.

Remaster and Overhaul of Morrowind, Oblivion, and/or Skyrim

There is a massive market for these if they were to be remade, after all Skyrim sold the best so everyone who loved Skyrim but never played the older games would be able to go back and play them without having to give up the graphics. If I were to choose out of these three, I would want Morrowind to be remade, mainly the reason that I choose that over the other two is the fact that if you try to go back and play it after playing the newer installments of the series Morrowind is very clunky, it looks bad, and it’s draw distance is laughable. Given that those aspects of the game are awful, the story environment and other aspects of Morrowind are some of the finest that any game could ask for. Oblivion would be great for similar reasons, however it is much less clunky than Morrowind, and it is still playable, while Morrowind is very difficult to play just due to the clunkiness of it. Skyrim while being the great game that it is does not need to be remade, it already looks and plays like a dream, the only reason that I would think that they might remaster Skyrim is to bring it to the next gen consoles and if they wanted to sell it as a new game I would think that they would need to make another large DLC to go with it.

Fallout 1 and 2 remakes

I would say that out of what I put on this list so far this is by far the most likely, the reason why is because with the release of Fallout 4 so many new people have come to the fallout franchise and want to know more. Fallout 3 and New Vegas have both seen massive increases in sales and there is a massive amount of demand for new Fallout content. That being said, I think it is highly likely that Fallout 1 and/or Fallout 2 would be remade on the same game engine that Fallout 4 was built on. Many people did not know the stories of Fallout 1 and 2 without having to find some storyteller on youtube to explain it to you, myself included. If they were to be made they would be massive successes, although as a side effect many of the diehard fans who were already mad at Fallout 3 for not being like the first two (not to mention Fallout 4) would hate the games and that could generate a bunch of initial bad reviews (as Fallout 4 received). Aside from financial reasons the original fallout games are unbelievably clunky and nearly unbearable to play.


This one is just wishful thinking, however I’m going to bring it up anyways. I want Bethesda to be making Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic III, however Disney bought Star Wars in 2012 and Bethesda takes 4-6 years for their open world games. That means that however unlikely that KOTOR III is it is also possible (so you’re saying there’s a chance). That being said if it were to happen I can only imagine the amount of preorders and attention that it would draw. I can tell you that I would buy it and the collectors edition in a heartbeat.

Elder Scrolls VI

You cannot make a list of possible upcoming Bethesda games without mentioning the Elder Scrolls VI. I am confident that it is in production, however I doubt that we will get it until at least 2019. That being said it is rumored to be set in the Argonians native swamp. This will be a change from any of the current Elder Scrolls games as the Imperial presence is likely to be much lower, and there will be many more Argonians (obviously).

All in all I’m excited by the potential that this list contains, and I’m excited to see what the E3 conference has to offer us in information. As far as what might actually happen I would say that the remakes for Fallout 1 and 2 are the most likely followed by the remasters of Morrowind and Oblivion. Elder Scrolls VI will come out (just not soon enough) and KOTOR III is not much more than wishful thinking at this point (but I will keep my hopes up anyway)


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