Where Does the Ghostbuster’s Hate Come From?

What is it about the new Ghostbuster’s movie that seems to divide people so much? There has been so much negative commentary and vitriol in the air about this movie that many people are convinced that the movie is going to be an absolute flop. For one, I am not sure where all this hate comes from when even the original actors of the movie thinks that it looks good, and have had nothing but good things to say about it. Before I begin discussing why I think that there is a very vocal contingent that dislike this movie, I would like to list what I think are some potential good points for the movie.

May not be a reboot–

While there has been plenty of talk about this movie being a reboot, there are also plenty of clues to indicate that it may not, strictly speaking, be a reboot. Rather it can be a continuation of sorts. Granted, I may be hanging this off the fact that the trailer does state “30 years ago, a band of heroes stepped up….” Between that, and the fact all the surviving members of the original Ghostbuster team are going to be making an appearance does heavily imply that this is a continuation instead of a reboot.

Ghost’s look fantastic–

Have you actually looked at the ghosts that will be appearing in the movie? These look great! With the advancement in CGI since the release of the original movie, it really only makes sense that this is something that would improve with time. I for one haven’t seen anything in the ghosts that make me think this part of the movie will be anything but the pleasing eye candy that you would expect in a summer movie.

Team looks good–

I will admit that I was a little hesitant when I first heard that the new Ghostbuster’s where going to be made up of all women. The reason was that I thought it was “pandering” to a degree. The whole “whatever a guy can do, a girl can do” thing that crops up periodically in our society. It didn’t help that this seemed to be the major selling point that was being touted at first. However, after seeing the trailer I couldn’t help but come to the realization that the team looks absolutely fantastic. Granted, I am making this decision based off of the trailers, but team does seem to have at least as good a chemistry as the original group.

I understand that there are quite a few people who will not agree with my take on this, but that is alright. Frankly, they don’t need to (nor would I really want them to…difference of opinions is what allows articles like this to be written after all). Here is a brief synopsis as to what some people are saying in regards to why they don’t think that they will like this movie.

It’s an all-girl team–

Perhaps one of the most vocal reasons as that I have heard from people that say they don’t like this movie is that the main team is made up only of girls. That they are turning a classic comedy movie into nothing more than a “chick flick,” or some other similar statement. Personally, I think that this is a rather silly argument against the movie since it precludes the idea that there are any women who could handle the “scientific” aspects of the characters portrayed. Complete and utter crap from what I can see.

It’s racist–

Another common thread that I have heard is that detractors are saying that the movie is racist in the portrayal of Patty (played by Leslie Jones). After all, why do movie studios need to portray a black woman as “ignorant” or “excessively loud” when compared to the other characters. While I can understand where some people may be coming from, it does make me wonder if these detractors have ever seen any of Leslie Jones’ comedy routines – this type of character is nothing new.

They are ruining a classic –

A “favorite” complaint that I have also heard is that the studio is ruining a classic by remaking a movie that didn’t need to be made. While there are a lot of anecdotal stories about why this movie was made, it doesn’t change the fact that remakes happen all the time. Another example of a classic movie that was made when plenty of people said it didn’t need to be is True Grit, which was arguably better than the original.

While there are three main things that I have heard as to why people do not like this movie, they all boil down to one main reason…people do not like change. It is very scary for many people to see something that they have fond memories of being changed in any way, and when this happens there is always bound to be quite a few upset people. It is very interesting to hear these kinds of complains when the main gist of interviews conducted by Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd, and Bill Murray are all saying the same basic thing…it’s going to be great. Actors don’t always talk up a movie just because they are in it, and there are plenty of instances where an actor has actually panned a movie prior to its release.

Personally, I cannot wait till July 15th when I can finally see this movie and all this controversy is hopefully put to rest.


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