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Lord of the Rings: The Races of Arda

There were over a dozen different races named in The Lord of the Rings movies and books, and even more described or alluded to. But what are the major differences between them? Here is a brief synopsis of the major races portrayed in the movies and books created by the marvelous J.R.R. Tolkien.

Pinkie Jumping for Joy

Pinkie Pie is one of the more popular members of My Little Pony, so why shouldn’t she be jumping for joy?

The Force is Strong with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

After a year of promotion, anticipation, and speculation Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is now, FINALLY, out in the theaters. But does it really live up to the hype? Just how strong is the Force with the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise? From what we saw…pretty strong

Winter Is Coming

The Song of Ice and Fire is reaching its crescendo, but will it end as an anthem or as a dirge?

Top 15 Movies to Watch on the 4th of July

While you are waiting to watch the fireworks, why not put in a few movies? Here 15 great movies that you will love to watch on the 4th.

Artist Spotlight – Joy Liberatore

Whether she is working on a new animated feature, or creating her own comics, you will want to watch out for Joy Liberatore. She is definitely an artist on the move, and one that you will see going places.

“It’s wingardium leviOsa, not leviosAH.”

Do you want to know how to bring the Harry Potter franchise to life? What better way than through a bit of Cosplay?

Some Problems with Harry Potter

Despite being a fantastic story overall, there were just a few…issues…with the books and movies. Here are a few that came to my mind.

Warcraft: A Movie for Fans

The World of Warcraft has finally come to the big screen, and seems to be doing really well internationally. But how will the fan’s closer to home react?

Carrie Fisher, Our Princess, Passess Away

If you have been hiding under a rock for the past week, then you know that we recently lost our beloved Princess, Carrie Fisher. Read the touching obituary that was written by the folks over at

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All the latest news about your favorite events and conventions, past, present, and future.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Fight Back in Teaser Trailer

The Fate of the Universe Lies on the Shoulders of the Galaxy’s Greatest Adventurers

E3 Bethesda Pre-Conference Prey

Announced by Bethesda prior to E3, it looks like Prey is a game to put on your wish list.

Battlefield 1 Announcement

The next game in the Battlefront series has been announced, and surprisingly it is set to take place in WWI.

Stephen Amell SLCC2017 Guest

Stephen Amell has appeared in such shows as Arrow and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and is set to be one of the stars appearing at Salt Lake Comic Con 2017. Be aware that he will be there for only one day.

WBIE, TT Games and the LEGO Group Announce “LEGO WORLDS” for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam

There’s a new LEGO based game coming out from Warner Brothers, and it sounds pretty dang cool!

Battlefield 1 Beta Thoughts

Battlefield 1’s open beta has been running for a few days, the big question is “hit or flop” click here to see what I thought of it.

FanX 2018 Guest Announcement: Paul Reubens

Looks like Pee-Wee is off on another Big Adventure…this time to the Salt Lake Comic Convention in 2018.

Salt Lake City Comic Con 2016 – Day 2

A brief picture gallery of some of the many wonderful things seen on Day 2 of SLCC16.

FanX 2017 Celebrity Guests – Judge Reinhold

Whether you liked him best in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Santa Clause, or Beverly Hills Cop, come out and see Judge Reinhold at #FanX17 in Salt Lake City this year March 17th and 18th.

Elijah Wood SLCC2017 Guest

Whether you know him as Frodo Baggins, Ryan Newman, or even Beck, the wonderful Elijah Wood has come to 2017

Gaming –

Gaming related news. riumors, strategies, and information.

Chara and Frisk, Opposites

Here is a great picture of Chara and Frisk from Undertale.

Dark Souls III: Lore Overview

A look into the story and lore of the third installment in the Dark Souls series.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic III Done Right

If there was one game that I wish would be made right now, it has got to be KOTOR III. Here’s how I would do it.

Five Best Star Wars Games

Jason Golling Despite how popular the Star Wars Franchise is there are a lot of Star Wars games that are just bad, however some of them are amazingly awesome and need to be played. Below are the top five Star Wars games, also as a side note to avoid repetition only...

How to Get 8 Items From One PokéStop

Have you ever noticed that you sometimes get 6-8 items from one Pokéstop? Have you ever wondered why? This article will tell you how to get a mega-spin on your Pokémon adventures around town.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Review

In a sea of dark matter, every minute matters. Ride colossal mechs and explore this massive RPG world, from the makers of Xenosaga and Baten Kaitos!

8 reasons that Skyrim is better than Fallout 4

Want to know why The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is better than Fallout 4? Here are 8 reasons to consider.

First Look At The Assassin’s Creed Movie Trailer

Ubisoft gives the public their first look at the Assassin’s Creed movie. Does it live up to expectations?

11 Must-Play Classic RPGs!

Let’s dig into a treasure trove of classic-era console RPGs!

Fallout 4 Review

Jason Golling Bethesda achieves yet another large, and in depth open world RPG with Fallout 4. Here is a quick look at what I felt to be the major pro’s and con’s about this game. Pros - Fallout 4 is a huge and immersive world with much to discover. The new weapon...

Hall of Heroes –

Only the greatest of Heroes reside in the Hall…is your hero here?

Hall of Heroes – Master Chief

Spartan 117 is perhaps one of the most iconic video game characters currently gracing consoles…do you know his story?

Hall of Heroes – Rick Deckard

Deckard has been one of the most fantastic heroes from the movies in years, here is a little more information about this great characters.

Hall of Heroes – Batman

The Dark Knight is considered one of the most influential characters in all of comics, let alone all of comics everywhere. Here’s a little bit of additional information about “The World’s Greatest Detective.”

Hall of Heroes – Captain America

Captain America is, unquestionably, one of the most patriotic heroes ever. Here is a little more information about the Sentinel of Liberty that you may not have known about.

Hall of Heroes – Harry Potter

Harry Potter is the “Chosen One” of the British Wizarding World, but what does the world really know about him?

Hall of Heroes – Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the most beloved characters in the DC comics, and one of the Trinity. But what makes her so special?

Hall of Heroes – Superman

What do you know about Superman?

Hall of Heroes – Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker was, for the longest time the last Jedi standing and the one who tried to rebuild the Jedi Order. Here is his story.

Villains Vault –

There isn’t a larger collection of despicable, dark, and down right evil characters than what you can find in the Villans Vault.

Villains Vault – Roy Batty

Name – Roy Batty Alias – Nexus-6  Powers – Superhuman strength, endurance and pain resistance Superior combat prowess Arch Enemy – Rick Deckard Bio – Born into a brief life of servitude, Roy Batty had seen and experienced more in his four year of existence than most....

Villains Vault – The Prophets

The Prophets are the leaders of the Covenant Empire, ever want to know a bit of their back story?

Villains Vault – Darth Vader

Darth Vader is one of the most iconic villains in history and here is his story.

Villains Vault – Ares

The God of War has been here for eons, but what do you really know about him?

Villains Vault – Lex Luthor

What do YOU know about Superman’s most iconic adversary?

Villains Vault – The Joker

Here is some fantastic information on one of the most horrific villains around – The Joker!

Villains Vault – Lord Voldemort

While everyone knows what the Dark Lord did, the life of young Lord Voldedmort is shrouded in mystery. Take a look at the life of a young Tom Riddle, Jr.

Villains Vault – Red Skull

The Red Skull is one of the longest running, and most despicable, of all Marvel Villains, but what do you really know about him?


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