Armor Up! New Power Ranger Suits Revealed

Brian Peterson

The world has now gotten its first glimpse of how our favorite teenagers with attitude will look in the upcoming Power Ranger movie that is set to for release in theaters the first part of 2017. For long time fans of the show and as a fan myself this has been a cause for concern. With Elizabeth Banks’s Rita costume not being true to the original from the 1993 show fans have feared we would get something that was not typical of the Power Rangers concept.

While I am not wanting a spandex suit with a white turtle neck I do want something that stays close to the spirit of the original costumes. The Rangers need to be something that is instantly recognizable as Power Rangers. Bat in the Sun did a fantastic job revamping the Green Ranger suit for its Super Power Beatdown series.


You can see how the reimaged costume stays true to the original while changing some key and features. We can see that the overall color of the new suit is darker and richer. The sheath for the Dragon Dagger has been removed for a more uniformed look. Something that is worth noting and quite important is that they left the morpher on the suit. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was the only series that had its morphing device as part of the costume.

Much like the Iron Man suits, the upcoming suits for the Power Ranger movie will be CGI and we can see from this hero shot we received there is a lot to take in. I personally like the fact that modern technology allows them to wear actual battle armor. While we can’t make out all the designs on the ranger helmets we can tell from the red ranger that his follows the classic design of having it look like his dinosaur. The choice to go with a richer color instead of the standard pastel is a nice update as well.

I assume that the glare on the chest panel of the suits is not an arc reactor but a reflection from the chrome shield design they placed on the chest to pay respect to the suits from the original Power Ranger movie from 1995. While we are unsure what the morphers will look like in the new movie we can clearly see that the power coins are displayed in the suits and appear to be glowing. The blaster holster has been done away with, and as such I would speculate they can materialize the weapon as needed.  This adds to the combat ready look and helps keep the suits clean. They also have done away with the stark contrast of color on the gloves and boots, removing their familiar white diamond patterns.

Any worry I had was laid to rest when I showed my son the new suits and he immediately said, “Dad it’s the Power Rangers! Wait, where is Tommy?” They are keeping the green ranger close to the chest.  One can only hope that Jason David Frank is in the movie to some capacity, although I doubt he will reprise his role as Tommy Oliver. It will be interesting to see how they incorporate the dragon shield onto the Green Ranger suit when it is finally unveiled.


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