Hall of Heroes – Superman

Hall of Heroes – Superman

Hall of Heroes - Superman

Brian Peterson
  • Clark Kent
  • Kal-El
  • Man of Steel
  • Last Son of Krypton
  • Man of Tomorrow
  • Big Blue Boy Scout
  • Flight
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Heat Vision/Solar Flare
  • X-ray Vision
  • Frost Breath
Arch Enemy

Lex Luthor


Kal-El is the last son of the planet Krypton, where as an infant his parents Lara and Jor-El knowing the planet was doomed to destruction loaded their son into a rocket and shot him into space as the planet was destroyed. Baby Kal-El ended up landing in the town of Smallville, Kansas where he crashed into the cornfield of Jonathan and Martha Kent.

The Kent’s were shocked to find out the meteor they thought had decimated their field was actually a rocket and to their greater astonishment had a baby boy inside. With no children of their own and a deep desire to raise a family Jon and Martha decide to raise the boy as their own. Giving him the name Clark the Kent’s raised him with a strict moral upbringing and strong work ethic.

While struggling to learn how to deal with his powers and how to fit in with society Clark had a strong desire to help the needy and moved to Metropolis so he could be where the action was. Taking a job at the daily planet as a reporter and wearing his signature black framed glasses he kept himself close to the action and whenever He was needed Superman was there. Superman developed a close relationship with Lois Lane a fellow reporter at the daily planet who for a large part of their relationship didn’t know that Clark and Superman were one and the same person. Later on they would end up falling in love and get married.

Superman’s powers come from the solar radiation he absorbs from the sun. His body metabolizes the radiation and fuels his many abilities. His heat vision is said to reach temperatures of the sun but this drains his power faster than any of his other abilities. He also can release all the stored up solar radiation he has in his body as a solar flare which renders him powerless for a full day after use. Superman’s strength is limitless, with one example being he pulled a planet around or he held a black hole in the palm of his hands. He is also able to fly faster than the speed of light and almost rival the Flash in speed. His heightened senses also allow him to hear in the vacuum of space and to see of incredible distances. His physical durability can withstand supernovas and in his greatest feat of durability he withstood a supernova of a red sun.

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Warcraft: A Movie for Fans

Warcraft: A Movie for Fans

Warcraft: A Movie for Fans

Brian Peterson

With the release of Warcraft this past weekend the internet has been flooded with negative reviews regarding the adaptation of Blizzard’s classic game. It’s refreshing to see in a day and age where movies cave into selling what is popular and hand holds audiences to have a movie that dares to be what the series fans wanted from a movie. There needs to be credit given where credit is due. The visual effects are breathtaking and the soundtrack is top notch. With a story that is rich with lore and characters that do justice to their gaming counterparts, Warcraft is a cinematic delight.

I was intrigued by how the movie explains what “fel” magic is. For those that are not familiar, anything “fel” is demonic in nature there is always a price that needs to be paid to use its power. The fel orcs find this out first hand when they finish ambushing the humans only to have the fel ripped from their bodies by the Guardian of Tirisfal Midivh. This allows Gul’dan to be setup nicely as our antagonist. While it seems like he is working for his own will truthfully, he is just a puppet to a more terrifying evil. There is a lot to be said for a villain that also is tragic to a point. I hope in the next film they will go deeper into why Gul’dan left his shamanistic ways to become the first warlock of the orcs.

The movie does a phenomenal job at setting up characters for further development. I heard multiple people scream when you get your first glimpse of Grommash and Gorehowl on screen even though he is not named and has no lines. With a world as enriched in lore as Azeroth Duncan Jones can do things like just show a character’s face on screen and fans will instantly know who they are and what they are about. Duncan found a great way to explain why Thrall’s skin is green while tieing in how powerful fel is. We even get a Murloc in the film’s opening scenes. It would have been great if they had brought some of the most known tradechat banter into the film like someone saying while there was the shot of the streets of Stormwind Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker and outside the city you have someone say’” Did you hear Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker?” While I know full well that wasn’t going to happen that is the kind of stuff they can do with these movies.

With Gul’dan being shown as the only orc warlock in the film it would have been nice to see the horde having some people that were magic users. One of the things in orc tradition is the the clans had a shaman that helped the warchief as the the spiritual head of the clan. We are not given any insight into this aspect of the orcs and with Durotan’s son being on one of the most powerful shamans in lore where is the Frostwolf shaman? In future films I hope this is shown and explained. The climax battle between Blackhand and Lothar was slightly lacking. The buildup for how powerful Blackhand became following being infused with the fel was talked up quite a bit with Gul’dan saying he is the “most powerful of all orcs.” I wouldn’t have wanted a ten-minute fight but just a little more would have helped clinch this as one of the best scenes in the film. It is also slightly confusing that we see high elves but no gnomes in Warcraft. I figure this is an oversight but we see depictions of trolls from a book Khadgar is reading but it isn’t mentioned that gnomes even exist.

All in all, I enjoyed Warcraft and will be going to see it again. I found the story to be engaging with just the right mix of humor and heavy overtones. Warcraft boasts arguably the best visual effects in film to date and an immersive world that is full of possibility. Warcraft should be on your list of movies to go and check out in theaters, the experience in Imax 3D is a feat that I doubt could be replicated anywhere else. I would recommend watching or reading a crash course on the characters in the movie to give yourself a better understanding so you can fully enjoy what is being delivered to you on screen.

Rating: Diehard


While anyone that enjoys fantasy can appreciate this film without a background of the story you may find yourself a little in the fray of it all.

X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse

Brian Peterson

The latest film to the X-Men franchise, X-Men: Apocalypse exploded on the big screen in a huge way. The follow-up to Days of Future Past brought its own twists to the X-Men universe and was a delight to watch. This installment is targeted to the series fans, and is not really made for the casual filmgoer. Now if you haven’t seen the other X-men films you really will want to check out First Class and Days of Future Past to fully understand the film but it is not necessary and you will be able to follow the film without any problems.

One thing they did right was to build up pivotal characters in moving ways. We were able to see Magneto as a normal and productive member of society with a loving family. Seeing this torn away from him is the most moving and saddening scene of the whole movie. Michael Fassbender truly captured the spirit of the complex character, who isn’t bad at heart, but finds himself caught up in doing things that are horrible for what he feels is the greater good. It was also delightful to see the relationship between Charles and Magneto; they give off the impression of blood brothers. No matter how much I dislike what my brother is doing or stands for, NO ONE will hurt my brother.

With a running time of a little over 2-½ hours I wish they would have been able to show a more in depth backstory of the new Horsemen of Apocalypse. We get a wonderful telling for Magneto, but due to this the lack of backstory for Psylocke doesn’t do the character any justice. I feel filmgoers will just be left wondering why she was even picked. Angel is given a better story with some early film interaction with Nightcrawler which helps set up his willingness to join Apocalypse.

The action scenes in the film are well put together with a decent amount of fan service. We are given a few scenes of Quicksilver’s blazing speed done in the same fashion as they did in Days of Future Past. Series fans well be thrilled by the savage Hugh Jackman cameo as Weapon X. The film does a nice job of letting the young mutants show the utility of their abilities for the first time on a mission. While the final battle of the movie was visually impressive and offered a good selection of unique fights between the different X-men and Horsemen serious fans of the series will see the end coming. We also get some well-placed laughs that help break up the heavy overtone of the movie.

Overall, I quite enjoyed the movie, it offered a good balance between storytelling and action sequences. The CGI and visual effects are top notch with some really impressive displays of multiple effects in the same scene. The character development was a little hit or miss, with some characters having profound and moving reasons for what they were doing and others that seemed to just be along for the ride. The need to watch the two previous movies to get a full understanding of the character interactions could be a setback for some although the backstory isn’t required for the plot to move along.

Rating: Fan

It is a must see film for fans of comic/ superhero movies with the casual fan finding it to be hit or miss.

What I Want From Trinity

What I Want From Trinity

What I Want from Trinity

Brian Peterson

With the announcement of the Rebirth of the DC comic universe one of the upcoming titles is Trinity featuring Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. I am absolutely stoked to get my hands on this. While I am already a huge fan of the caped crusader and the man of steel, Wonder Woman is a hero I have only really appreciated in the last few years. DC could have comic gold on their hands if they handle this correctly, since the dynamic between these three super heroes is vastly different and unique. From god to demi-god to man they all have their own personalities and struggles that make the reader gravitate towards one of them.

I want to see Superman be the moral backbone of the team. As the strongest member of the trinity it would be a shame to me if DC doesn’t use Superman’s moral compass as a pillar of strength and guidance for the others. Seeing a harsher Batman and a war-forged Wonder Woman having to learn how to not only deal with but live by Superman’s lofty beliefs will create some fascinating interpersonal dialogue that will be delightful to see come to page. Clark also needs to have his own struggles with his beliefs and determining whether or not they are correct for the given situation. I do not want him to throw what makes him who he is away but he should have to make really tough decisions regarding his beliefs and he should have to stick up for them as well.

Batman needs to show us that he truly is the “World’s Greatest Detective.” This aspect of Batman’s mythos I feel has been lacking as of late, While Batman is still Batman it would be delightful to see him pull some Sherlock Holmes level of super sleuthing. He needs to be the team’s go to for direction. With Clark being a reporter and Diana being a warrior princess they both are not as well equipped to determine what may be going on. Bruce shouldn’t spend all his time in the bat cave either, he needs to be in the forefront lurking in the shadows as the stealth element of the trio. A new mech-suit like the Hell Bat suit he used to pummel Darkseid with would be comic candy for Batman fans. This would be a cool tool to have in the arsenal to pull out in time of great need.

Wonder Woman has to be a commanding presence that keeps the boys in check. In the day and age where comics are having to be more PC it is easy to think Wonder Woman is just the token plug in so there is a female character in the comic. Let me make this clear, Wonder Woman is a wonderfully designed hero who can go toe to toe with anyone in the DC or Marvel universe. I want to see DC portray her as both the beautiful kind princess and the battle hardened warrior who commands the respect of other due to this status. Her character needs to be powerful but not overbearing. With Batman and Superman being opposite sides of the same coin she will have to keep the both of them in check, depending on what point of Bruce and Clark’s relationship we will be seeing they are could still be closer to enemies than allies.

I am expecting to see some new villains for the three to overcome as well as some familiar faces from each of their respective universes. Don’t find yourself too surprised if they have to fend off Darkseid or stop the might of Aries. With a release date set for this fall and as a monthly release you will have plenty of time to go update your subscription at your local shop. DC is also lowering their comic prices to $2.99 an issue. With DC promising that the biggest secret on the DC universe being shared with Rebirth I for one can’t wait to be pulled in.

Click It: an Introduction to Miniatures

Click It: an Introduction to Miniatures

Click It: An Introduction to Miniatures

Brian Peterson

Are you the kind of person that enjoys superheroes? Do you have figures of your favorite heroes and villains locked in an eternal battle for the fate of mankind? With the average price of a figure starting at $50 and the sky’s the limit from there have you ever thought about a more economical way to collect? Would you like more use from our collection other than gathering dust? Heroclix just might be what you have been waiting for.

Heroclix is a collectable click game that features heroes from all of your favorite comic universes. You can assemble the Avengers to battle your friend with the Justice League while the Guardians of the Galaxy fend off the heroes in a half shell. You can have all their might combine against super bosses like Galactus or Darkseid. All you need is a fabric tape measurer and some imagination to start playing.

Each hero has its own unique clix dial that is used to display the hero’s combat stats. You also have the point cost of the hero and collection number. When a hero takes damage as the fight progresses you click the dial down to indicate the hero is getting weaker. This mechanic makes it so heroes can develop new abilities as they get desperate for a victory as they are close to death or loss power as the candle of hope blows out.

The heroes also have a point cost associated with them, which allows the battling teams to be more evened out as well. For example, iIf you are playing a 500 point game and your totally killer Superman figure is 300 points you will not be able to have as many figures as your opponent. Figures have to rest between turns you use them as well. This adds a level of strategy and fun to the game. Playing a powerhouse can kill low cost figures easily but with only being able to play every other turn the y can be ganged up on.

Booster packs will typically fall within the price range of $8-13 dollars, and you get 3-4 figures a booster you can acquire a nice collection for the price of one regular figure. These packs can usually be found at most hobby shops. There is also a heavy competitive play aspect if you are interested in exclusive figures.


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