Battlefield 1 vs. COD Infinite

Jason Golling

Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare have both been announced recently, and if you have seen the trailers it shows that Battlefield is set in WWI while Call of Duty is set in the far future. This is looking to be the first year that Battlefield will outsell Call of Duty, below are five reasons why.

1. Battlefield 1 is listening to the fans

Ever since Black Ops 2, Call of Duty fans have been asking for a return to WWI and WWII, however Call of Duty only keeps advancing farther into the future. At the same time now Battlefield is returning to WWI which will steal many fans from Call of Duty and help their sales. When it comes down to it whichever company listens to the fans better will be more successful, even if it takes a while for everyone to notice.

2. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare looks like Black Ops 3.5

In the Call of Duty release trailer you can see many different things that look like they were copied straight from Black Ops 3. In fact many uniforms and guns look nearly identical (at least they changed the color), whereas if you look at Battlefield 1 it does not even resemble any of the previous installments of the series. It is nice to not be playing the recycled game from last year, which is what Call of Duty is yet to find out.

3. 64 person multiplayer!!!

I know that good multiplayer does not make a game great, however Call of Duty, historically, has had nothing that can compete with 64 person online matches. These games can be great because it is fun to have enormous hectic matches with so much going on that you can’t keep up with it all. In addition to that Infinite Warfare (much to my dismay) is probably going to keep their exo suits around, so we will still have multiplayer matches turn into free running sessions.

4. Fully Destructible environments

This is something that Call of Duty has never really done, and it should be (you know if you want a realistic game at all). From what has been released so far it looks like everything can be broken this includes the ground (so you could dig yourself a trench by throwing some dynamite). On top of that it will also help you to remember to think about what you are hiding behind before starting a gunfight as buildings can be broken as well.

5. Call of Duty is losing traction

Call of Duty used to be the nearly undisputed FPS standard, however they have been faltering as the amount of things they change are decreasing with each game. I mean look at the like to dislike ratio of their two trailers. When this article was written the dislikes on Call of Duty are at 1,777,885 out of 17,648,781 views, meanwhile Battlefield 1 is at 21,126 of 25,482,573 views. That is quite the difference.

Given what we are seeing so far it looks like Call of Duty will finally fail to outsell Battlefield this year. Do you disagree, or do you  agree, let me know what you think in the comments.


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