California Getting a Mass Effect Theme Attraction

Ben Flygare

Late 2015 we had received word that the Great America amusement park in California will be getting a Mass Effect attraction sometime in 2016. Very little had been heard since until this weekend when it was announced by Great America and Ubisoft that it would be coming May 18th in 2017.

While it would be hard to call the attraction a “ride” per se, the attraction will be built in the Great America theater. It will be a submersive and interactive “3D experience” that will take the audience through the universe of the smash hit game series. Ride goers can expect to see familiar faces and familiar alien races that occupied the series. From what the news and announcements, it sounds like it may bear similarities to the uber popular Star Tours ride in Disneyland. I am anxious to see what Great America and Ubisoft have in store to separate any connection to that and make their Mass Effect attraction truly something that sets it apart from anything like it.

No word has been heard if the ride will connect in anyway to the next installment of the series, Mass Effect: Andromeda, but it is speculated that there will be some if on a smaller scale. Look forward to hearing more updates as we get closer to May 2017!


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