Avengers: Endgame Is It Everything You Hope It To Be? (NO SPOILERS)

Avengers: Endgame Is It Everything You Hope It To Be? (NO SPOILERS)

Avengers: Endgame Is It Everything You Hope It To Be? (NO SPOILERS)


Without a doubt, Avengers: Endgame is one of the most hotly anticipated movies of 2019. In fact, once Infinity War was seen, this became the IT movie that everyone was dying to see, particularly after seeing the highly anticipated Captain Marvel. The thing is though, that many people (the diehard fans in particular) are worried that this movie will not live up to the hype. Well, the initial reactions are that this movie is going to be hitting all the right marks.


Although a bit of a slow start and required the viewer to accept a, to be honest, overused trope for furthering the plot, the latter half of the movie more than made up for it. The movie rewarded longtime viewers and avid comic fans alike with nostalgia through its delicate scenes, choice of dialog, and thematic elements. It could certainly be a summer blockbuster by itself through its action and pacing but again, it really gains its credibility as a great movie if the viewer has watched a majority of the previous movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe


The story picks up immediately after the events of the previous film, Avengers: Infinity War, as many sequels tend to do. Like previously mentioned, the premise the film is built on seems a bit flimsy only because it could be viewed as a cliched story building tactic. However, the characters have been well built and draw upon the many years that went into building them and fulfilling the audience’s prebuilt ideas. Those characters are further enhanced by their teamwork with each other, both as actors and characters. The character themselves show that there is still room to grow, despite the many films that have been given, and yet the audience can see how far they’ve come leading to a sense of satisfaction for themselves. Most importantly perhaps, the ending feels complete and rewarding in every sense. A feat remarkably difficult to do considering the decade of anticipation leading to it.


The beginning seems a bit slow but is used to start the pacing of the movie and set a necessary tone to follow. There are many, many elements that are going on but it doesn’t ever seem too difficult to follow, again considering how much time is usually invested for the audience who has seen many of the involved movies. The movie really picks up in one of the anticipated climaxes with heroic teamwork, clever scenes, and shocking twists. As previously mentioned, the ending is resolved fairly both to those involved with the film and those watching it.


I kinda already covered that in part with the ‘story’ part. Each character’s highlights are further exaggerated by the surrounding scene and the incredible acting of others. It never felt like actors playing a part but rather people who were meant to live their part, with us as the audience. Each character has grown through the Marvel Cinematic Universe and this movie serves as its capstone of a wonderful era.

Revisit Value

Although a personal note, I haven’t really felt that many Marvel films are worth watching past the first time. It’s difficult to enjoy a story told twice. The only time I really see re-watching this film is either with other people who haven’t seen it, and to see their reactions to the aforementioned rewards or as a movie marathon. I feel confident in saying that this movie is as rewatchable as Infinity War, in each way and sense.


If I was to go off of first impressions, I would give this movie a 9/10. Again, it has a rather slow-feeling start which held it back a bit but the movie is everything its fans, casual or die-hard, hope it will be. And that’s hard to say for something that has been building for well over a decade. In the end, I would give this film an “Everyone” rating because I think even people who haven’t seen any Marvel films can enjoy parts of it. It is an action movie with cool visual effects, and so on. But it is most definitely marketed for the many “Buffs” that have been committed for this long and makes it feel worth it be happy superhero nerd.

So, does Avengers: Endgame live up to the hype? In short, no it does not – it surpasses it. This is a movie that was well worth the ten year wait, and is definitely one that you will have fun watching. Enjoy!

Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 Tickets On Sale Now

Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 Tickets On Sale Now

Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 Tickets On Sale Now


By now, most people who follow Comic Con news has at least heard mention of the Salt Lake Comic Con. The Salt Lake Comic Con is one of the fastest growing such conventions in the United States. When the first such event was launched back in 2013, there were “only” 72,000 attendees. That attendance was almost doubled in last year’s event (2015) with over 125,000 attendees. There has to be something to this many people coming and spending their time, money, and vacation days to go and take part in the fun.

So, I hope that you are ready for the next epic offering from the offices of Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg, since the early bird tickets are now on sale. While it may seem a little early (the event doesn’t actually kick off until September 1, 2016), this is actually the best possible time to get your tickets. The reason for this is rather simple; by getting them early you can receive a rather significant discount on what you pay. But just why would you want to go and spend a minimum of $42 for the basic multipass that is being offered now (be ready to pay $70 at the door if you don’t take advantage of the offer now)?

The simple answer is the sheer number of amazing people that come to the Comic Con, and I am not just speaking of the stars and guests that come to such venues. The following quotes are taken directly from the Official Salt Lake Comic Con website in regards to the fans themselves, who are often the exact people that can make or break events such as this.

I had the pleasure of speaking at the first Salt Lake Comic Con and the experience was excellent in every way. The most important part was having a large and enthusiastic audience to talk to and in that regard I was blown away.

Ed Fries

Co-founder of the Xbox Project, former VP of Microsoft

Today at [Salt Lake Comic Con 2015], I was in a photo op with Chris [Evans] and a man got down on one knee and proposed with a ring to his girlfriend. It was one of the most moving and beautiful things I have been witness to.

Hayley Atwell

Actress - Agent Carter, Captain America

Salt Lake was one of the best comic con experiences I’ve had.

Brandon Sanderson

Hugo Award Winner, NY Times Bestselling Author, Brandon Sanderson

You people have the greatest comic con in the world.

Stan Lee

Founder of Marvel Comics, Marvel Comics

You can get your tickets now by visiting the official site of Salt Lake Comic Con.


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