Pokémon GO: Raids and Feeding Captured Pokémon

Pokémon GO: Raids and Feeding Captured Pokémon

Pokémon GO: Raids and Feeding Captured Pokémon

Bob McFadden

Trainers over in the Pogodev community have noticed the addition of several new notification toasts to the game. There brief messages will notify the Trainer of certain events that happen in-game. There are five different classifications of events that the player may be notified of, and there are three different phrases for each classification, adding variety to these notifications. These will be a fun and useful addition to the game, but in the meantime, they provide some interesting insight into what is to come.

Notification Toasts

  • Gym removal 1: “[Pokémon name] has fought hard and returned!”
  • Gym removal 2: “[Pokémon name] is back after a hard battle!”
  • Gym removal 3: “[Pokémon name] was forced off the Gym!”
  • Pokémon lost 1: “[Pokémon name] lost a battle!”
  • Pokémon lost 2: “[Pokémon name] was defeated in battle!”
  • Pokémon lost 3: “[Pokémon name] fainted at the Gym!”
  • Pokémon won 1: “[Pokémon name] defended the Gym!”
  • Pokémon won 2: “[Pokémon name] was victorious in battle!”
  • Pokémon won 3: “[Pokémon name] has triumphed over your opponents!”
  • Pokémon hungry 1: “[Pokémon name] is hungry!”
  • Pokémon hungry 2: “[Pokémon name] needs a pick-me-up!”
  • Pokémon hungry 3: “[Pokémon name] wants a berry!”
  • Nearby raid 1: “Nearby raid starting soon!”
  • Nearby raid 2: “There’s a raid about to start near you!”
  • Nearby raid 3: “A raid’s going to start nearby!”
Discovered code
"gym_removal_notification_toast" "{0} has fought hard and returned!" "{0} は 
"pokemon_hungry_notification_toast" "{0} is hungry!" "{0} はお腹が空いている"
"pokemon_lost_notification_toast" "{0} lost a battle!" "{0} は負けてしまった"
"pokemon_won_notification_toast" "{0} defended the Gym!" "{0} はジムを守った!" 
"nearby_raid_notification_toast" "Nearby raid starting soon!" "近くのジムでバ 
"gym_removal_notification_toast|1" "{0} is back after a hard battle!" "{0} が 
"gym_removal_notification_toast|2" "{0} was forced off the Gym!" "{0} がジムか 
"pokemon_hungry_notification_toast|1" "{0} needs a pick-me-up!" "{0} のお腹が 
"pokemon_hungry_notification_toast|2" "{0} wants a berry!" "{0} はきのみを欲 
"pokemon_lost_notification_toast|1" "{0} was defeated in battle!" "{0} は負けて 
"pokemon_lost_notification_toast|2" "{0} fainted at the Gym!" "{0} はひんしになっ 
"pokemon_won_notification_toast|1" "{0} was victorious in battle!" "{0} はバトル 
"pokemon_won_notification_toast|2" "{0} has triumphed over your opponents!"
"nearby_raid_notification_toast|1" "There's a raid about to start near you!"
"nearby_raid_notification_toast|2" "A raid's going to start nearby!" "近くでバ

Gym Removal Notification: This is the most useful addition for gameplay as far as the portions that we can understand right now. Trainers will now be alerted when their Pokémon has been booted from a Gym, so that they are aware that their Pokémon has returned and can respond accordingly. They may have been waiting for this Pokémon to come back so that they can power it up with newly gained Candy and Stardust, or perhaps it is just useful for them to know that there is an attack taking place on their Gym that is to be taken seriously. Some Trainers may even be close to claiming their daily Pokécoins and Stardust, and it may be vital for them to know that the expected reward may have just dropped.

Individual Gym Wins and Losses: Previously, the only ways to know that a Gym was under attack was for you to either be within range-of-sight and see the battle animation and declining Prestige, or for you to notice that a fainted Pokémon had returned to you. Now, Trainers will be equipped with a sort of early-detection system that alerts them more quickly. This can take place as soon as the conclusion of the very first fight of the assault. In addition, this will help Trainers understand the role that their individual Pokémon plays in defending the Gym. The only existing system for this used to be the sparsely-understood “Battles Won” stat that would rarely appear beneath a Pokémon in a Gym. But now, you can take pride in your Pokémon with every successful defense of the Gym, or feel empathy for them with each and every loss.

Pokémon Hungry Notification: The Trainer will also now be notified when one of their Pokémon is hungry. This will be a new game mechanic, as it is currently impossible to feed anything other than Wild Pokémon. Some trainers on The Silph Road reddit are concerned that you will now have to feed Pokémon in Gyms in order to keep them as defenders. They are already speculating on whether you will have to visit the Gyms in person, and considering the potential implications that this could have for giving spoofers advantage. But I think that we may be getting way ahead of ourselves. Of course, it is easy to fall into the mindset that this must be related to Gyms, as everything we have talked about so far has been. But I have a more optimistic prediction, and I think that this is more likely to be related to Buddy Pokémon. Perhaps every once in a while this toast will pop up and give us the opportunity to get a bonus candy for feeding our Buddy Pokémon, or maybe it will just be for fun. Either way, hopefully this can provide SOME use for Nanab berries, other than always immediately trashing them.

Nearby Raids: The most intriguing aspect of this discovery is the mention of “Raids”. The buzzword for Niantic at conferences and in press releases since the Gen 2 release has been “new cooperative social gameplay experiences”. This phrase was even used again in a Niantic blog post today. This is generally assumed to be related to the gym rework that is expected to be the next big quarterly update, but adding this new “Raid” term to the mix might change that expectation a little bit. Perhaps the next big thing isn’t (just?) an overhaul of the existing Gym system, but a new addition to the game entirely. Will this be similar to the Mewtwo Raid in Times Square in the trailer, or some completely different group activity? Let the speculation begin!

Big Updates Coming to Pokémon GO

Big Updates Coming to Pokémon GO

Big Updates Coming to Pokémon GO

Bob McFadden

Many people were very upset to see the scant patch notes for the Pokemon GO update today (17 Jan 2017). But underneath the minor text fixes is firm evidence that there is much more going on behind the scenes. Gen 2 is right around the corner!

Quick Moves

Air Slash
Bullet Seed
Charge Beam
Dragon Tail
Fire Spin
Iron Tail
Powder Snow
Struggle Bug
Volt Switch

Charge Moves

Aurora Beam
Brave Bird
Close Combat
Dynamic Punch
Energy Ball
Focus Blast
Foul Play
Grass Knot
Gyro Ball
Heavy Slam
Mirror Coat
Night Shade
Rock Blast
Sand Tomb
Silver Wind
Sky Attack
Wild Charge
Zap Cannon

Research from The Silph Road suggests that we are in the final stages for not only Gen 2, but a lengthy list of other exciting updates. 38 new moves have been added to the game. This is the first time that new moves have ever been added to the client, aside from Ditto’s Transform. The names of the new moves can be seen in the table next to this paragraph. For some, the addition of new moves was the last sign that they were watching for before the full addition of Gen 2. So the new Pokémon could be EXTREMELY close.

Certain evolution items now appear in the game code. In the main games, the specific items mentioned were used to obtain Bellossom, Politoed, Slowking, Steelix, Scizor, Kingdra, and Porygon2. That is their most likely purpose in Pokémon GO as well, so these new Pokémon will probably need more than just candy to evolve. This is an interesting mechanic, as the candy that many have been hoarding for Gen 2 Pokémon will need to be accompanied by another item in order to be used, which will serve to limit everyone’s ability to get these Pokémon immediately, which will keep the excitement and rarity of these new additions going a while longer. In some cases, this also gives an increase in the player’s ability to choose which Pokémon they want, as compared to the only such process currently in-game which is the completely random assignment of Eeveelutions (except for the one-time-use nicknaming Easter Egg).

Another sign that Gen 2 is almost ready is the Pokémon “forms” that have now been added to the game. Specifically, forms for Unown have been added for every letter of the alphabet, as well as the question mark and exclamation point. This suggests that you will be able to catch Unown in 28 different forms. It remains to be seen how/if Niantic will prevent players from getting together to spell out words in gyms.

Some quality-of-life improvements aside from Gen 2 have been added as well. A new button is being prepared for the main menu, which currently contains the Pokémon, Shop, Items, and Pokédex buttons. The new button is “News” and will contain a much-needed official reference for updates and events in GO. Also, more options for new avatar customization are referenced. We should soon be able to add gloves, socks, belts, glasses, and necklaces for a more unique look. This is a continuation of a pattern that we have seen in all recent updates. Likewise, there is even more evidence of Genders and Shiny Pokémon, which is another aspect that has been seeing ongoing development. All of these features are getting closer and closer to completion.

It seems like all too often people are looking for reasons to get discouraged, but there is so much to be excited about on the way! GO, like any game, is as exciting and as fun as you make it. Two friends and I were out until late last night catching Pokemon and destroying gyms, and it was the most fun that I’ve had in a long time. But Niantic is constantly working on the game, and it will only get better as time goes on.

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Fallout 4 Season Pass Hindsight

Fallout 4 Season Pass Hindsight

Fallout 4 Season Pass Hindsight

Jason Golling

The last Fallout 4 DLC came out at the end of august, now that we have the full vanila Fallout 4 it seems like a good time to look back at the season pass and see if it was a rip off or if it was a great deal. As some of you may know initially the season pass started at $30 and then in March the upped the price to $50 saying that they decided to make more content, they also did say that anyone who bought it prior to the price increase will still have it. The full list of the DLC is listed below with retail prices as of 11/16/2016. Altogether these come to $69.94 vs the $50 to buy the season pass and get them all.

  • Automatron: $9.99
  • Wasteland Workshop: $4.99
  • Far Harbor: $24.99
  • Contraptions: $4.99
  • Vault-Tec Workshop:$ 4.99
  • Nuka-World: $19.99

To break this down a bit, Wasteland Workshop, Contraptions, and the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC’s are all settlement building focused and they don’t have much or any story involved in them. Wasteland Workshop and Contraptions don’t have any story whatsoever, one adds a few small items as well as the ability to trap creatures and battle them against each other or yourself, while the other allows you to build machines to mass produce some items and it gives you the material to make rube goldberg machines with a metal bearing and some tracks. The Vault-Tec DLC does bring a bit more to the table with allowing you to build a vault and some very basic experiments, along with this comes a short questline to introduce you to the new equipment and it is a few hours of gameplay. All in all the settlement DLCs got a bad rep from the Fallout 4 community and I believe that they should have released all three of them in a single pack for $10 instead of spreading it out.

Far Harbor and Nuka-World are both large expansions with new worlds, quests, items, and characters. These two are more like the traditional Bethesda DLC releases, where they will be much larger than most DLCs and they are more of an expansion than a DLC. Both of these DLCs were made very well and arguably had better stories than the rest of the game, and they felt more like the older Fallout games than the vanilla game did, what with you solving a murder mystery for pre war robobrains or for finding weaponized nuka cola they had the wacky feel that made the Fallout series what it is today. These two are the obvious highlights of the season pass.

Automatron is the one DLC that stands alone due to the fact that there aren’t really any new areas (except indoor ones) and instead of having a bunch of stories like the larger DLCs had it just had one good story instead. With that story though it also brought along a bunch of robots you can use as followers which are enjoyable to have whether it be for combat or if you just need a pack mule.

All in all the DLC varied from great to ok and in my opinion is only worth the $50 if you do like to occasionally waste a few hours building a settlement every now and then, otherwise the price is just too steep and I would recommend waiting on a sale, or just buying the ones that you think would be good for you. To be honest it was a bit disappointing due to the fact that only two of six actually felt like true full expansion packs. They had so much story that they could have used if they had chosen to bring the Enclave back again, and allow you to either side with or fight against them they could have made a DLC the size of Far Harbor. In the end though the $30 season pass is totally worth it while the $50 season pass is a bit too expensive for most people’s taste.

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Where the Heck is my Buddy Update?!

Where the Heck is my Buddy Update?!

Where the Heck is my Buddy Update?!

Bob McFadden

“The buddy system is being released right now!” Is what I told people literally over three days ago.

So, we’ve all been playing it all weekend, right? Still no. As far as my phone is concerned, my app has been up to date for weeks.

On September 10, Niantic made the following announcement about an update to Pokémon GO:


Pokémon GO is in the process of being updated to version 0.37.0 for Android and 1.7.0 for iOS devices. Below are some release notes and comments from our development team.

– Implemented Buddy Pokémon: Trainers will now be able to choose one of their Pokémon to be their buddy. A Trainer can earn Candy for their Buddy Pokémon by walking a certain distance.
– Made it easier to select smaller Pokémon on the screen.
– Fixed an issue where Eggs would sometimes hatch without displaying the animation.
– Improved performance reliability when a device switches networks to no longer cause the application to hang or stop updating.
– Pokémon GO Plus support
– Minor text fixes.

We continue to focus on eliminating bots and scrapers from Pokémon GO. Rooted or jailbroken devices are not supported by Pokémon GO. Remember to download Pokémon GO from the official Google Play Store or iTunes App Store only.

The Pokémon GO team


So, what is the Buddy System? As the update says, it enables Trainers to “choose one of their Pokémon to be their buddy. A Trainer can earn Candy for their Buddy Pokémon by walking a certain distance.” Every player can choose or remove a buddy Pokemon at will, and can pick whatever of their Pokémon to stand by their side in the Trainer screen at a given time.

The Buddy System isn’t EXTREMELY effective, but it is still a cool addition. The candy provided will be very useful for training your favorite Pokémon. In addition to stardust, it takes 193 candy to get a Pokémon from level 30 (wild max) to level 40. It takes 68 candy to get a Pokémon from level 20 (egg max) to level 30.

The announcement on Pokemon.com hints that there are even additional benefits, outside of candy. One purely-sentimental benefit is that you can now pick a Pokémon that you are excited to journey with, and specifically make them stronger. This increases the bond between a Pokémon and Trainer in a way that did not previously exist in this game.

If you want your starter Charmander to train into a Charizard, now you can work to do it! However, if you’re exclusively using the buddy system, you have to walk 375 kilometers in order to gain the candies necessary to evolve a Charmander into a Charizard. And even though Magikarp kicks out 3 times as much candy per kilometer walked, if you want a Gyarados you will still get even more of a workout with 400 total kilometers! Neither of these compares to the 625 km needed for Dratini to Dragonite though, which is the worst that it currently gets. (This makes sense, though, as Dragonite is the highest CP Pokemon in Gen 1, other than Mewtwo. Dragonite can go toe-to-toe with Mew or any legendary bird and still come out on top.)


Sounds cool, right? So why did Niantic tease us and then forget to actually release it? Well, it isn’t really as simple as that. They did begin the release roll-out exactly when they said that they would. Niantic pushes out an update to Android and iOS at the same time. Android releases it according to the link in the paragraph above, but iOS has this whole process that it has to go through that can sometimes make it take up to 48 hours longer. But if it makes Apple users feel any better, the Google Play Store still doesn’t have the update for most users, anyway.

The reason that we are all still waiting is because of the bugs.

They initially set this roll-out to a very low percentage to make sure there weren’t any significant bugs released to the wider audience. There were bugs, though. Including blatant formatting errors in the appraisal feature, significantly increased load times and crashes, but most significantly, egg hatching and buddy “finding” seem to be affecting each other in an unintended way that gives you an extra buddy candy if you hatch an egg at the same time. Unfortunately, they are probably getting rid of this as we speak.

The new update also adds the Buddy System and fixes some issues as described in the official announcement above, and that’s cool. It even added the Pokémon GO Plus support that Nintendo has been waiting for. (An update that will immediately benefit some players who already have the device in their hands, due to an accident where some GO+ boxes were shipped out early.) But as always, each new update seems to add a new flavor of instability and bugs. Each update to this game has somehow CHANGED the game-play experience, but rarely has it only improved it.


Of course, the APK file was available online almost from the minute the rollout began, and is available for anyone who is feeling impatient and wants to download it right now. But many users are somewhat wary of Niantic’s warning in the announcement above to “Remember to download Pokémon GO from the official Google Play Store or iTunes App Store only.” …Why would they specifically point that out this time?

So while you wait your turn in this sluggish roll-out, let us offer some consolation. This time around, it didn’t turn out to be their best update. Some users are already complaining that this is a really crash-prone build, and they are reverting back to old versions. So don’t cry into your pillow too hard because you don’t have it, yet.

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What Happened to the Pokémon GO Plus?

What Happened to the Pokémon GO Plus?

What Happened to the Pokémon GO Plus?

Bob McFadden

At time of writing, it has been two months to the day since the Pokémon GO app was released to the general public. As Pokémon GO mania continues to decline and an army of potential customers disbands, Nintendo still hasn’t made its cash grab with the GO Plus wearable device. What happened to the Plus? When is it coming out? And most importantly: is it even worth it?

The exact moment that Nomura crapped his pants.

Back in June with our coverage of E3, we got our first hints of a Pokémon GO release date when Shigeru Miyamoto gave the expected July release timetable for the Plus wearable. Niantic Senior Project Manager Tatsuo Nomura felt the need to clarify, “So, we’re talking about Pokémon GO Plus right?”, which gave off the impression that the wearable might come out before the app, as the latter obviously wasn’t ready for a July release. Miyamoto even verbally agreed, saying in Japanese, “Yeah, we’ve gotta get this first” as he held his hand to the GO Plus on his lapel. Later on in the demonstration, there was at least a little tension in the room as Miyamoto decided to entirely forgo his translator. He looked straight at the nervous Niantic employee, addressing him directly in English for the first time. Responding to Nomura’s hesitation about a July expectation, Miyamoto declared “We are ready now” as he held up his operational GO Plus device.

So where is this thing? We saw it working perfectly an entire business quarter ago, and as Nintendo’s stocks have been thrown into chaotic ups and downs by the excitement surrounding this newest mobile craze, you would think that they would be eager to get it out ASAP.

They are eager to get it out ASAP. And oh, how eager they are. But the Nintendo/Niantic tensions continue. The app isn’t ready to handle the GO Plus, yet. So while Pokémon GO’s gross revenue soars past $440 million and continues to add over $4 million a day, Nintendo is not licking its lips and counting piles of money. Instead, they are left to sit on the sidelines and watch as their main business opportunity with this game slowly and pitifully has the air let out of it.

In response to some speculation that the delay was instead due to an increase in production in order to meet high demand, a Nintendo representative clarified in a statement: “The delay is due to the preparations for the Pokémon Go application update in order to optimize Pokémon Go Plus. In order for us to offer new experiences to play Pokémon Go with Pokémon Go Plus with a quality level high enough to satisfy as many people as possible, we decided that it is necessary to take enough time for the completion. We ask for your understanding.”

Everyone say it with me: Nintendo is ready. Niantic isn’t.

But you almost have to feel bad for Niantic, a tiny company suddenly thrust into the spotlight of national media coverage with its minuscule and ragtag team of developers. Suddenly expected to handle server strain that they had not anticipated for years, even based on the most optimistic predictions. Meanwhile, the gaming community assumes its usual stance of complaining that they should add literally every possible update that same day. “Why hasn’t Niantic added this? It would be such a quick fix!” As if any change is easy under the watchful eye of over 60 million users that will call for the end times if it isn’t perfect. As if careful planning and group-deliberation wont be a crucial part of every blink and sneeze moving forward.

So, the Pokémon GO Plus wearable was set aside while Niantic ran around trying to set out fires.

The first fire to put out was disgustingly frequent app crashes and server downtime. When the craze was at its peak, the game was actually at its most unplayable. Once Niantic was able to get the game going, their attention immediately went into the second fire that had cropped up: responding to the shaming media criticism about the app. There were widespread claims of the game being dangerous to users and passerby alike, as the news latched onto any story about Pokémon-GO-related stabbings, robbery, accidents, trespassing, etc. These same exact everyday happenings wouldn’t even make the news on an ordinary day, or would be dismissed with a toneless one-sentence report. But the second that you could tie Pokémon into it, people were sure to tune in at ten. Niantic attempted to dip criticism as they bowed to every request to have an unwanted Pokéstop or Gym removed. They also lathered on a plethora of safety warnings and reminders to: stay alert, obey trespassing laws, not play while driving, and stay in safe areas. The third fire involved removing cheaters from the game, who had run rampant through the game using GPS spoofers to Catch ‘Em All way faster than intended, impossibly dominating Gyms to the chagrin of those playing fairly. It was at this point that Niantic actually expressed frustration that they had to spend time putting out all of these fires when they could be using that time to develop the game and move forward.

But the fires seem to have turned to hot coals. Niantic is now adding new content with the widely-appreciated appraisal system and the upcoming buddy system. So Niantic should be able to get the Plus going soon, right? The last official word was broadcast on Nintendo’s official Twitter, stating that the GO Plus would be out in September. It is September now, so it must be coming soon.


But should we even care? Is the little dongle even worth it? And that, my friend, is where the real question lies.

The wearable device was announced in America at a price of $35 USD. Many fans cried out that this price was too high for its limited function. But if you feel like that is bad here, that equates to: $40 in Italy and Canada; $45 in Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain; $50 in France, the UK, and Singapore. Due to foreign product import taxes/duties, this means up to $85 in Brazil (with shipping and taxes), and $90 in places like Pakistan.

The price anywhere: “Too Much”.

But that hasn’t stopped people from buying it. The item has sold out several times in the first few days it was available back in June. Stores like GameStop shut down pre-orders entirely as it completely overwhelmed their expectations. It seemed that, even before the game was out, many people were eager for a device that helps you to not look at your phone as much while playing.


As for the small amount of things that this wearable device does do, you can read my report on it from back in May. But for today, I think it might be more relevant to point out the things that the device does not do.

It does not have a rechargeable battery. This was the deal-breaker that prevented me from pre-ordering. I have literally no desire to ever go to the store to buy those weird little disc batteries at any point in my life.

The device provides no additional functionality. The app does not include a pedometer, as some have assumed. It will do nothing to enhance distance tracking. From what has been publicly advertised about the device, you will currently still need to have your app open for it to work at all. So in the game’s current state, you will pretty much still need to be holding your phone in the other hand, ensuring that the screen stays on the app. Both the phone and the dongle will vibrate simultaneously when a Pokémon is nearby. All of this can already be done without the dongle.

In reality, you will have LESS functionality with the GO Plus, with more to carry. The app gives you no experience bonuses with the throws, doesn’t let you use berries, only lets you throw the standard Pokéball, and most shockingly, you’ll only be able to throw a Pokéball using Pokémon GO Plus if you’ve caught the Pokémon before. The device doesn’t even let you add new Pokémon to your dex.

Some were excited about the device because they thought that it would allow them to stay connected to the Pokémon world all the time with less of a battery drain. This is not immediately true. There are questions on whether it will cause more or less battery drain than simply having the app open, as your phone will now constantly have to stay connected and send notifications to the device via Bluetooth any time you get close to a Pokémon or Pokéstop.

So, when is it coming out? Soon™.

Does it matter? No.

Battlefield 1 Beta Thoughts

Battlefield 1 Beta Thoughts

Battlefield 1 Beta Thoughts

Jason Golling

The Battlefield 1 beta has been going since August 30th, and the questions going around are wondering if it will be a good game or if it will be like the last DICE game (Star Wars Battlefront) and be tremendously disappointing. Firstly let me just say that I won’t be judging it based off of any glitches that I came across (of which there were many) due to the fact that it is still in beta, so glitches are expected.

Right out of the gate it does not feel like it is a realistic WWI shooter in any way shape or form, as only class has a bolt action rifle and there is next to no trench warfare (at least on the one level available for the beta). There are four different main classes to choose from that have different weapons and gear. These classes are Assault, Medic, Support, Scout, and there is an assortment of mini classes for the vehicle/horse crews. These classes feel well balanced, and the main classes are also customizable, that way you can choose which weapons and gadgets you want to bring with you.

As far as the level design goes I can’t say much as there was only one level in the beta. They seemed to try to mix both close and long range combat into a small desert city. It works in such a way that no matter where you are you never quite feel safe, as at any moment you could be sniped or blown to pieces by the massively overpowered light tank (needs to be nerfed). This suspense keeps the game moving quickly and feel too short despite the fact that the rounds are all 20 minutes long. The conquest game mode has different flags spread out around the map that you need to capture and hold as long as possible, this game mode has a massive battle of 64 players, and it definitely feels like an all out war.

The more that I played Battlefield 1 the more that it reminded me of Star Wars Battlefront 2, which in my opinion is one of the best games ever. There are some things that DICE needs to avoid in order to not screw it up, the main thing being level variety. A large amount of levels alone will help Battlefield 1 to last longer and still be enjoyable. In my opinion that was the largest downfall from the Battlefront game DICE made last year, was that there were only like four different maps for each of the different game modes (with a lot of overlap) and another issue was that while there were many game modes only one or two were actually fun to play. If they can get around these issues Battlefield 1 will be a good game.

All in all trying to guess on what the full game will be like is a bit of a hit and miss, myself I will be buying it, at the very least to let you guys know how it turns out.

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