Click It: An Introduction to Miniatures

Brian Peterson

Are you the kind of person that enjoys superheroes? Do you have figures of your favorite heroes and villains locked in an eternal battle for the fate of mankind? With the average price of a figure starting at $50 and the sky’s the limit from there have you ever thought about a more economical way to collect? Would you like more use from our collection other than gathering dust? Heroclix just might be what you have been waiting for.

Heroclix is a collectable click game that features heroes from all of your favorite comic universes. You can assemble the Avengers to battle your friend with the Justice League while the Guardians of the Galaxy fend off the heroes in a half shell. You can have all their might combine against super bosses like Galactus or Darkseid. All you need is a fabric tape measurer and some imagination to start playing.

Each hero has its own unique clix dial that is used to display the hero’s combat stats. You also have the point cost of the hero and collection number. When a hero takes damage as the fight progresses you click the dial down to indicate the hero is getting weaker. This mechanic makes it so heroes can develop new abilities as they get desperate for a victory as they are close to death or loss power as the candle of hope blows out.

The heroes also have a point cost associated with them, which allows the battling teams to be more evened out as well. For example, iIf you are playing a 500 point game and your totally killer Superman figure is 300 points you will not be able to have as many figures as your opponent. Figures have to rest between turns you use them as well. This adds a level of strategy and fun to the game. Playing a powerhouse can kill low cost figures easily but with only being able to play every other turn the y can be ganged up on.

Booster packs will typically fall within the price range of $8-13 dollars, and you get 3-4 figures a booster you can acquire a nice collection for the price of one regular figure. These packs can usually be found at most hobby shops. There is also a heavy competitive play aspect if you are interested in exclusive figures.


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