Dark Souls III Review

Jason Golling

Dark Souls 3 is the newest installment in the game series that simply kills it time, and time again! Keep in mind that the “it” in question here is you…repeatedly. The following are the pros and cons that I found for this game.


  • Dark Souls 3 is challenging.
  • Dark souls 3 is also a very rewarding game, especially when you kill that boss that killed you 12 times before (and then proceed to say that it was easy)
  • It has a very engaging and interesting world to explore.
  • The combat engine is great!
  • All weapons are up-gradable and can be a useful at near any point in the game.
  • Top notch level design, with many hidden areas.
  • The bosses all have unique ways to fight them so the game does not feel repetitive (until you are on your 10th try for one boss)
  • The online community can leave notes and tips for you on the ground (just don’t always believe it when it says to jump off the cliff for treasure).


  • Dark Souls 3 is challenging
  • It has a great story, however if you want to know what that story is (for the most part) then you need to read all of the weapon, armor, and item descriptions.

Dark Souls 3 is not only a quite a challenging game, it is also very unforgiving. The game being so challenging that it is quite rewarding when you finally get through an area. The game developers apparently had no problem whatsoever with putting a very powerful crystal enemy right next to the “training” area of the game.

The way that the money and leveling systems work also makes you feel it whenever you die. In game, the “money” of the realm are the souls you collect by killing enemies. The interesting part of this is that when you die (and you will…repeatedly), you will drop all of the souls that you collected to that point, and if you don’t make it back there in your next life you they are all gone. In addition to nice little perk, you get to face some extra difficulty for leveling up, as you use those very same souls (that you have now lost) to level up.

Another key aspect of this game is the rather intuitive design and the atmosphere of the levels you travel through. It is not uncommon to find yourself going through an area that has not been traveled for a while and finding previously hidden rooms and loot that were not there the first few times that you examined them. This perk makes even the beginning areas of the game have a much higher replay value. In addition to that whenever going through a new area of the world you will often find yourself peeking around every corner, looking in every cranny, and hitting all the boxes you can find for fear of there being a trap hidden somewhere in that portion of the level. These aspects of the game help to keep the game very interesting and engaging.

The combat is incredibly open and it works well (both for and against you), and with the expertly done combat system there is also much help in the weapon upgrading system so you can upgrade your starting long sword into a weapon that can last you far into the game. In addition to this you can tell that they tried hard to make sure that the bosses keep you guessing on how to fight them, even to the point where when you get the boss half dead they will sometimes completely change requiring a different tactic in order to kill it. These two pictures are of the same guy.

The online community can also leave you some rather useful notes such as “watch left” or “jump down for treasure.” (One word of warning though, you might not want to believe the second one every time you see it!) Even with the occasional “practical joker,” these notes saved my life more than once when they mention that there is a guy hiding on the left or that there is a particularly tough enemy ahead. Another good thing about the online community is that you can summon a phantom to help you to fight on through the next area. These phantoms’ also have the ability to just kill everyone for you, just remember that they are not all friendly and when they say kill everyone this could mean you as well.

As far as complaints go, Dark Souls 3 has quite a short list. My biggest complaint with this particular game is that while there is a rather awesome storyline and some rather great lore for you to learn, in order for most of it to see the light of day you will find yourself reading dozens of item and weapon descriptions. The only other complaint that I had with this iteration of the Dark Souls is that sometimes you will be getting killed left and right to the point where it feels as if you will never get anywhere with the game. That being said my overall rating of the game and comparing the pros and cons leaves me no choice other than to give a whopping 9.5/10 score.



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