Doom Review

Jason Golling

The classic FPS Doom has returned and in stunning HD I might add.


  • Fun and fast paced action
  • Glory Kills
  • Amazing graphics
  • Many hidden areas to find and explore
  • Great level design
  • Music
  • Weapon Mods
  • Powerups


  • Some areas can be repetitive
  • The multiplayer is nothing new

When I first started playing Doom one of the first things that I noticed was an incredibly fast movement speed. It feels as if your Character is sprinting everywhere, on top of that you never need to reload your gun (with the exception of the super shotgun) which makes the combat incredibly fast. Following the fast speed many of the enemies move faster than you do, which makes for some interesting encounters. Another thing that has been done excellently are the glory kills, when you stagger any enemy you can do a glory kill which involves brutally finishing the enemy whether it be with your fist, their leg, or their tooth it is an insta kill. These glory kills are incredibly satisfying (especially on that enemy that has been beating you to a pulp for the past couple of minutes).

Did I mention the graphics? There is an incredible amount of detail involved in every surface of Doom, if your computer can handle it that is (if you use a console don’t worry it still looks good there too, just not as good). On top of that if you play on PC and have a particularly powerful computer (5GB of VRAM or more) you can activate graphics settings called ultra nightmare that make the game look so good that it was worth mentioning. On top of that the atmosphere feels like a perfect match to how the game plays and the story of the game.

Another thing that Doom does so well is the level design. The complexity of the levels and the enormous amount of hidden areas that you will miss unless you are constantly pulling out your map is impressive. In every area of the level there are always hidden weapons, ammo, or upgrades of some kind that you could easily miss if you are not paying much attention. On top of that the multilayer level design allows for many different combat styles ranging from using a machine gun at range or using a shotgun and chainsaw at close range, while having both of them be equally useful.

Something else that Doom does so epically right is the sound track. A sound track could definitely make or break a game and in the case of Doom it matches the gameplay, and your character’s general pissed off attitude perfectly. Most all of the music is heavier and metal (as I’m sure that you could guess) and helps to improve the atmosphere of the mars base where most of the game takes place.

A few other things worth mentioning is the weapon modding system. Each weapon has a few different mods in order to help you to kill things faster. My personal favorite is the mod that allows your combat shotgun to shoot a grenade instead of a shotgun shell at a moment’s notice. Each weapon has a few unique attachments to choose from, and all of the attachments will give you an edge while in combat. In addition to the weapon attachments there are also power ups, these power ups range from berserk where you can run around and instantly glory kill anyone on the first hit, to quad damage where you just do four times regular damage until the meter runs out.

As solid of a game Doom is as always there are still flaws, most notably is that there are a few areas that can be repetitive. For instance, there are a few rooms where you need to destroy a gore nest in order to decrease the demon presence and after you destroy it a bunch of demons will show up and then you need to kill them all and then go do the same thing in a different room. Most of the time the different level designs will keep this interesting, however there are still a few that just feel repetitive and drag on at times.

The multiplayer is very fast paced and honestly doesn’t feel much different than a generic FPS multiplayer (other than the demon power ups that is). So if you already like those you are set, however there really is not much in the multiplayer that sets Doom apart in that respect.

All in all Doom is a solid game and is worth checking out, when it comes down to it Doom is a fast paced arcade style shooter with some modern shooter tricks in its arsenal. So if you are looking to drop some time into a new game I recommend Doom as a viable candidate of your time.


 Rating: Buff

If you are a fan of classic FPS, you will more than likely have fun with this one!


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