E3 Bethesda Pre-Conference Dishonored 2

Jason Golling

Dishonored 2 first shown at the 2015 E3, has now been shown again looking better than ever before. They have upgraded nearly every aspect of the first Dishonored and they have made a whole new world to explore, that being said they also made a new game engine so that the game looks and runs better than ever before.

Firstly I wanted to talk about improved aspects of the first Dishonored. All of the powers that Corvo Attono possesses have been improved upon and are better than they ever were. On top of that in Dishonored 2 you will have the chance to play as Emily Kaldwin the former empress of Dunwall, all of her powers are new so there will be many new ways to play. Just to name a few of her powers she will be able to use the domino effect power to link multiple enemies then when you shoot, stab, or stun one of them they will all suffer the same fate. That way you can eliminate everyone in the room at once. Another interesting looking power is the shadow walking which makes you look like a black ghost and you crawl around on the ground. It is unclear if you can be seen during this powerup, however you can absolutely destroy any enemies that you come across.

The new city where most of the game takes place is a seaside city that was made with much attention to detail, the developers even put enough detail into it so that if you look for clues you can find evidence of what different businesses or buildings were there 10 years ago. You are able to see watermarks on some of the walls as the city was flooded before, and you will also be able to see fading posters and signs from businesses long forgotten.

In order to make the world even better they developed a new game engine, in which the lighting and other aspects of the environment look breathtaking. The lighting was done extremely well and all in all every room looks to have an extreme amount of detail and high definition textures are everywhere. On top of the looks the new game engine also changes how the NPCs are affected by the weather. There are random intervals where a sandstorm will come in and this will affect both your eyesight and the NPC’s as well.

When it comes down to it Dishonored 2 looks like it will be an interesting mix of steampunk and stealth. The release date is on 11/11/2016 and the collector’s edition is already available for purchase, It comes with Corvo’s mask and as with all collector’s editions there is a limited number available. The trailer is below.


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