E3 Bethesda Pre Conference Fallout 4

Jason Golling

In Bethesda’s pre conference for E3 they announced a few new DLCs coming out for Fallout 4. They seem to be following a similar formula to the previous DLC where they will be having three coming out in consecutive months, with the first coming out next week. The three DLCs are called Contraptions, Vault Tec, and Nuka World.


Contraptions will be the fourth released DLC for Fallout 4 coming out next week (probably on 6/21/2016 if they follow old habits). This will bring new things to the wasteland to play with, we will finally get elevators, weapon and armor racks, track kits, sorting machines, and conveyor belts. The track kits are ways that you can have a ball bearing go on a track and be able to trigger all sorts of electronic switches or traps and whatever else that you might want. The sorting machines sort your junk so you don’t have to, then the conveyor belts will carry it to whatever room you are filling with teddy bears, and glue.

Vault Tec

Bethesda is finally giving us a chance to build our own vault starting this July! We don’t have much information on it yet, however it looks like you will be able to dig into certain areas and excavate deeper and deeper into the world, although be wary as you will be finding radscorpions and possibly other creatures underground. On top of that it looks like you will be able to have many different people wearing your vault tec jumpsuits while they are both fighting raiders that make it in and while you experiment on them (as a psychopath would).

Nuka World

Finally, the largest of these three additions (it would seem) Nuka World is a Nuka Cola themed amusement park that looks to have a vibrant atmosphere and it also looks to be another large expansion (fingers crossed it is as good as Far Harbor). In the short segment of the video that we get to see about it we can see that there is a full sized park as well as a few interesting things such as the Nuka Cola dressed protectron. This expansion will be the sixth expansion to Fallout 4 and it will be released in August of this year.

All in all these new expansions seem to continue with the same pattern that Bethesda released previously, and this also begs the question if this will be the last grouping of Fallout 4 DLC or if they will continue making more over the next few months. Below is the Fallout 4 DLC announcement video. After the DLC is shown it will then show the new Skyrim Special Edition and the Fallout Shelter additions.


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