Fallout 4 Season Pass Hindsight

Jason Golling

The last Fallout 4 DLC came out at the end of august, now that we have the full vanila Fallout 4 it seems like a good time to look back at the season pass and see if it was a rip off or if it was a great deal. As some of you may know initially the season pass started at $30 and then in March the upped the price to $50 saying that they decided to make more content, they also did say that anyone who bought it prior to the price increase will still have it. The full list of the DLC is listed below with retail prices as of 11/16/2016. Altogether these come to $69.94 vs the $50 to buy the season pass and get them all.

  • Automatron: $9.99
  • Wasteland Workshop: $4.99
  • Far Harbor: $24.99
  • Contraptions: $4.99
  • Vault-Tec Workshop:$ 4.99
  • Nuka-World: $19.99

To break this down a bit, Wasteland Workshop, Contraptions, and the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC’s are all settlement building focused and they don’t have much or any story involved in them. Wasteland Workshop and Contraptions don’t have any story whatsoever, one adds a few small items as well as the ability to trap creatures and battle them against each other or yourself, while the other allows you to build machines to mass produce some items and it gives you the material to make rube goldberg machines with a metal bearing and some tracks. The Vault-Tec DLC does bring a bit more to the table with allowing you to build a vault and some very basic experiments, along with this comes a short questline to introduce you to the new equipment and it is a few hours of gameplay. All in all the settlement DLCs got a bad rep from the Fallout 4 community and I believe that they should have released all three of them in a single pack for $10 instead of spreading it out.

Far Harbor and Nuka-World are both large expansions with new worlds, quests, items, and characters. These two are more like the traditional Bethesda DLC releases, where they will be much larger than most DLCs and they are more of an expansion than a DLC. Both of these DLCs were made very well and arguably had better stories than the rest of the game, and they felt more like the older Fallout games than the vanilla game did, what with you solving a murder mystery for pre war robobrains or for finding weaponized nuka cola they had the wacky feel that made the Fallout series what it is today. These two are the obvious highlights of the season pass.

Automatron is the one DLC that stands alone due to the fact that there aren’t really any new areas (except indoor ones) and instead of having a bunch of stories like the larger DLCs had it just had one good story instead. With that story though it also brought along a bunch of robots you can use as followers which are enjoyable to have whether it be for combat or if you just need a pack mule.

All in all the DLC varied from great to ok and in my opinion is only worth the $50 if you do like to occasionally waste a few hours building a settlement every now and then, otherwise the price is just too steep and I would recommend waiting on a sale, or just buying the ones that you think would be good for you. To be honest it was a bit disappointing due to the fact that only two of six actually felt like true full expansion packs. They had so much story that they could have used if they had chosen to bring the Enclave back again, and allow you to either side with or fight against them they could have made a DLC the size of Far Harbor. In the end though the $30 season pass is totally worth it while the $50 season pass is a bit too expensive for most people’s taste.

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