Fallout 4: Walkthrough – Jewel of the Commonwealth


Jewel of the Commonwealth is the third official quest of the Main Story. Primarily, the purpose of this quest is to really introduce you to new characters and locations that will be playing a larger role in later on. As such, you will want to keep an eye out for these people and locations.

  • Piper
  • Mayor McDonough
  • Nick Valentine’s Secretary
  • Diamond City

Considering how far away Diamond City is from Sanctuary, you may want to seriously consider holding off on traveling there until you have leveled up several times. This will allow you to have a better chance of surviving the various Raiders, Ghouls, Creepy Crawlies, and the various other Nasties that you will run into. If you have been following these quests in order, then you just ran into a Deathclaw in When Freedom Calls, and just how tough of an opponent that was. If you are determined to head out to Diamond City, and level up along the way, be sure to save frequently along the way, or you will find yourself getting rather frustrated. Diamond City is roughly to the Southeast of Sanctuary.

After you have finally made it to the outer limits of Diamond City you get the pleasure of meeting another new friend named Piper. Looks like this intrepid reporter is trying to get into Diamond City without too much success. Part of your task is to help get her bluff her way into the city, so you really need to make sure that your charisma is up. Be prepared to meet the mayor of Diamond City as well to help pull off the con. Once you are successful Piper will extend an invitation for you to come over to her office, which will kick off a Secondary Quest (Story of the Century).

While you are talking to Mayor McDonough, one of your conversation options should be to bring up that you are looking for Shaun. When you mention this, you will find out that Nick Valentine is a local private detective who should be able to help you out. However, if the topic doesn’t come up in the course of conversation, you will end up needing to wander around until you can either find someone who will mention him to you (which means talking to people) or wandering around. It’s actually rather easy to tell if you have found Nick’s office or not since he has a pretty pink sign out in front as a play-off of his name. Either option will work, though it will take longer than you may like.

Once you have finally found the office simply go in and start talking. Unfortunately, it looks like Nick is not available since he has been kidnapped. If you are ready, you can proceed to start the next quest at this time (Unlikely Valentine). Just be aware that this next quest will involve quite a bit of fighting, so you may want to level up prior to starting.


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