Fallout 4: Walkthrough – Out of Time


Not counting the opening cinematics of Fallout 4, the first quest you will find yourself on is virtually the same as in past renditions of this franchise…to get out of the Vault. As you play through this quest, you will want to keep an eye out for the following items and locations.

  • Wedding Ring
  • Security Baton
  • Vault 111 Jumpsuit
  • Stimpacks
  • Cryolator
  • Red Menace
  • Pipboy
  • 10mm Pistol
  • Fusion Core
  • Vault 111
  • Sanctuary
  • Concord

Once you have finished the opening cinematics and chosen your starting stats, and what you will look like, you find yourself coming out of your assigned cryogenic stasis pod in Vault 111, and that roughly 200 years have passed. When you look at the pod that is supposed to be containing your spouse, you will find that they are deceased so if you want a memento, you need to open your spouse’s pod and remove it. Do this by manually activating the red control lever on the pod itself. There is only one exit from this room, so that is where you will have to go.

When you get out of the Cryogenic Chamber Room, you can either go to your left, or to your right. If you go to the left, you will see another Cryogenic Chamber Room with nothing in it except for some junk and a Vault 111 jumpsuit. However, taking the right route will lead to a terminal that has a few messages you should read as well as a Stimpack. As you continue down the corridor be sure to look at the crate on your left, and grab the baton. You will want to be armed since there a few Radroaches just a little further along.

Taking out the Radroaches is a relatively easy task to do, particularly if you engage your V.A.T.S. system and aim for the torso (larger area, easier to hit). You should only need to take a couple of swipes maximum to take out each of the roaches, and if you get a solid clean hit on them it can be done with a single hit. When you are finished, simply proceed through the power room and head on into the cafeteria. There is a lot of junk in this area, so if you are interested in doing some tinkering later on, feel free to grab as much as you can find and carry. There is also a recreation terminal in the room that you can play around on if you like. Be aware that you will find a tape labeled Red Menace, be sure that you grab it for a little bit of extra fun.

Once you have finished in the cafeteria and recreation area you will need to head to the Overseer’s office. Be sure to check out the desk since that is where you will find your first firearm – the 10mm pistol (be aware that it is rather old and beat up, but it is better than nothing). Now, while the Cryolator IS in this room, you can’t get into it right now, so make sure that you don’t forget about it later on.

Before you use the Terminal to open the door, you need to be aware that the hallway you will be entering is swarming with Radroaches. Be sure that you have your weapon of choice in hand and ready for mischief (I would recommend using the baton in order to conserve ammunition). To make sure that you get the best possible hits in don’t be afraid to use your V.A.T.S. system which will work with both the baton and the 10mm pistol.

After you take care of all the Radroaches you are ready to actually start moving towards the exit. As you get to the exit make sure that you look around for the skeleton’s arm on the floor. This is where you will find your trusty Pipboy, so don’t forget to grab it. Now that you have all the equipment that you need (or could find) in hand, you are almost ready to exit the Vault. Push the large, red button to go ahead and open the door. When the door has finished opening, make your first save file.

Once you have exited the Vault take a look around and you should see two trailers almost immediately. There will be quite a few helpful supplies that you can use to survive as you go along in the game. It’s now time for you to head on over to Sanctuary, which is just down the hill from where you are at. As you head down the hill and move towards your old house, you will meet up with Codsworth. This robot can be extremely helpful if you speak kindly to him, and show you the ropes on a fairly simple bug hunt (Radroaches and Bloatflies). If you are smart, you will use your V.A.T.S. targeting to take out all the bugs that you come across.

Be sure that you keep your eyes open for some locked safes that your old neighbors had. Who knew that they were holding on to that much stuff? When you are done looking around, talk with Codsworth to see where you should go next. He will tell you that you should head on over to Concord. As you are traveling towards Concord, you will see a Red Rocket Truck Stop, which is where you can meet your faithful companion Dogmeat. Keep your eyes open, since there are a few Molerats around that need to be finished off. If you go inside the garage you will find some workbenches that you can use as well as a decent stash of caps that are located near the terminal.

When you are done puttering around inside, take a look over by the Red Rocket sign. You will find a “hidden” Molerat den, which you should really explore. Be prepared for a fight though, since you will naturally find quite a few Molerats inside. Near the toxic waste containers, you will find a fusion core that you will want to grab, and on the left side of the den you will find a locked safe.

After clearing out the den, feel free to exit, and proceed to the south. You will eventually come across the town of Concord, and hear what sounds like a fire fight. Follow the sounds to see what’s going on. Once you have arrived at the Museum of Freedom you have completed the quest Out of Time, and are Ready to begin the quest When Freedom Calls. Good luck!


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