Fallout 4: Walkthrough – Unlikely Valentine


It looks like you will need to take a slight side trip to save Nick Valentine in order to actually get your revenge on Shaun. Thus begins Unlikely Valentine, the next quest in the Fallout 4 main story line. As you are going through the quest pay special attention to the following items and locations:

  • Speech Bobblehead
  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales
  • Various Weapons
  • Diamond City
  • Vault 114

After you talked with Nick’s secretary at the end of Jewel of the Commonwealth a new location should have popped up on your Pip-Boy tracker. This location is to the northeast of where you are currently at, and is actually located near Boston Commons, specifically the Park Street Station. Be careful as you enter this station since there will be a ton of enemies inside. all called…the Triggermen.

When you enter the station be sure that you head left. If you look to the door that is near the terminal you will be able to pick the door, and go on a looting spree for all kinds of goodies and stuff. Once you are done, continue on the path though you will want to be careful since the path is blocked with a ton of Triggermen. Proceed with caution, using tactical movements, to avoid getting flanked and surrounded by the Triggermen by going forward too fast. After you have secured the room, feel free to go back the way that you came so that you can go down the tunnel on the left-hand side of the room (which is the far side from where you entered). Down this passage you will also find a safe that you can pick to get some goodies.

After doing a bit of exploring down the tunnel, return to the platform and head towards the corner that is farthest from the stairs. These stairs will lead you down to Vault 114, and where you will need to head into next so that you can save Nick Valentine. You should be able to easily enter the vault with the help of your Pip-Boy. Once again, proceed with caution since this is an area that has a Triggerman behind virtually every turn. Keep your eyes open since you will be crawling through a Vault and they tend to have LOTS of goodies that you can grab. You may want to make sure that you have plenty of space in your inventory to ensure that you can take everything that you can.

When you get into the room, take a careful look around since there are two things that you will want to grab. The first is the Speech Bobblehead, and the second is the Astoundingly Awesome Tales book. Once you have these in hand, save your game. You are about to enter a series of rather intense firefights. As any veteran player of the Fallout series can tell you: the nastier the firefight, the more likely that the game will have a glitch. Follow Nick Valentine, and fight your way out of Vault 114. Even when you get to the entrance, you still have at least one fight left, this time with Skinny and his crew.

You basically have three options here, one diplomatic (you will need to have a high Charisma to pass this one), leave before Skinny counts to 10 (though you will leave Nick doing this), or of course fight your way out. If you do fight your way out you will want to start off with an area effect weapon (i.e., a fire bomb or grenade). Once you are done with the firefight, head topside to the Park Street Station, and wait for Valentine. When he arrives, you can simply follow him back to his office (which is located in Diamond City) and get ready to start the next quest: Getting a Clue.


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