Fallout 4: Walkthrough – When Freedom Calls


Once you have arrived at Museum of Freedom in Concord you are ready to begin the second quest in the game. During the course of this quest you will be able to make new friends, and visit strange new locations. Be sure that you are keeping an eye out for these items and locations in particular.

  • Laser Musket
  • Bobbie Pins
  • Fusion Core
  • Perception Bobblehead
  • Atomic Command
  • Power Armor
  • Minigun
  • Converga Room Key
  • Concord

As you approach the Museum of Freedom you will begin hearing what sounds like a gunfight. The reason for this is actually rather simple, there was in fact a firefight going on. Turns out that there were a few raiders that tried to either take what wasn’t theirs from the Museum or from claiming the Museum as their own. When you get near the museum you will see a Laser Musket nearby. Grab it and get ready to enter, though you will want to keep your 10mm Pistol in hand since you will want to save the Musket for later on. Be aware that there may be some snipers nearby, so keep an eye out for any enemies.

Upon entering the main entry way to the Museum look to your right. You should see a Raider laid out with a Laser Musket nearby. Once again, you should grab this and hold onto it for later use. The Musket should not be needed right away, so make sure that you hold onto it for later. Look around, and you should see a Gate. To the left of the Gate you will find a Bobby Pin dispenser that you should grab so that you can start picking some locks. On the other side of the Gate you will find several rooms that are full of mannequins wearing red coats, and a large collapsed staircase.

Head towards the staircase and look underneath it and you should be able to find a terminal and a locked cage. The terminal only requires a simple hack to unlock the cage and allow you to retrieve another Fusion Core (which is in the reactor). Make sure that you hold onto these, since you will be needing as many of them as you can find for your Power Armor when you get it. As you may have noticed by this time, Raiders may be taking shots at you. With the Core in hand, it’s now time to take care of them.

Head up the stairs and immediately turn to your left, where you will enter the room that has a large mural on it. As you enter the room you will find that there are quite a few ammo containers (both boxes and bags) scattered around. Get all of the ammunition that you can find, since you will need it later on. Head towards the door that leads to the winding hall, and the next stairway that leads up. Once you get up to this next floor you will find some more Raiders in the area so be sure to clear out the rascals. Be careful though, since there are potential allies in one of the rooms at the far end of the hall (which is located in the direction of the museum’s front).

Once you have finished off all the Raiders in the area, you can go ahead and talk to Preston Garvey, who is a very interesting individual. Not only is he the leader of the Commonwealth Minutemen (a.k.a., The Minutemen), he is one of only three companions that you can have, and is also able to romanced (by both genders). Like I said, he’s rather interesting. When you talk to Preston he will give you a mission which if you complete you will have a brand new (for you) set of Power Armor. If you have been following this walkthrough you will now have two Fusion Cores, so have fun! Just don’t forget to look on the desk and grab the Perception Bobblehead, Atomic Command tape, and the caps on the desks prior to leaving.

Exit through the door on the far side of the room, and be sure to follow the directions of your compass so you are going outside. Look around, and you should find a set of Power Armor that will be yours to keep when you are finished with the quest. Be sure that you also claim the minigun for later use, since you won’t need it to clear out the Raiders. This IS when you can start to use your Laser Musket if you wish, though the 10mm Pistol is more than enough to handle these annoyances. Since you will have to go back out to the street to complete the next part of the quest, feel free to simply jump down from the roof that you are on. Don’t worry about taking any damage, the Power Armor will protect you.

Roughly halfway through your fight with the Raiders you will be introduced to another good reason to be wearing your new for you power armor, and it’s a rather large reason as well. A Deathclaw seems to have been attracted to all the gunfire, and wants to join in. This is when you will want to go ahead and pullout your new minigun and let loose. As always, Deathclaws are best engaged from a distance. If at all possible when he first shows up, try to get up on a balcony or into another location that will make it difficult for him to reach you. However, in the event that you can’t unleash hell with you minigun constantly backing up as he advances towards you.

After you have killed off the Deathclaw threat, all that’s left is the cleanup. Be sure to loot all the bodies, including all the Raiders, since you will find the Converga Room Key which will come in handy. Simply return to the Museum and check in with Preston, who will follow you back to Sanctuary where you can begin the first of the Secondary Quests (The First Step) or you can proceed to the next of the Main Story Quests – the Jewel of the Commonwealth.


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