Jason Golling

Let’s start off by getting right to the point – if you aren’t interested in building and maintaining bases for your wasteland adventures, there really isn’t all that much in this article for you. (That is, unless you are also interested in learning how to get a pet deathclaw.)

That being said, if you do enjoy the base building aspect of Fallout 4 then the Wasteland Workshop is not only a valuable addition, but pretty much a necessity. This is particularly true if you are considering increasing the size and defensibility of your fortress, have gladiatorial battles to entertain your settlers, or you know just how to kill people. Basically, whatever floats your boat.

One of the things that you can see has changed, is that there are many new lights that have been added.

Lighting is only beginning when it comes to what has been added to your building arsenal. Some of the other things that have been added include (but by no means are limited to) decontamination arches, electrically powered doors, concrete walls, as well as trailers and buses.

In addition to the large number of new building items that you can now use, you can also create a gladiatorial arena. Just like the arenas of ancient Rome, you can pit people and animals against each other (though, unlike ancient Rome you can also through in things like deathclaws and radroaches). While it may be fun to see these critters fight against each other (or even against people settlers you may not like ala The Governor from The Walking Dead) you may want to consider keeping one as a pet. If you want to, then you are in luck since this particular DLC does allow you to.

In short, the Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop DLC is really geared towards those who are interested in helping to rebuild the Wasteland. So, if you are not into the base building scene, then really isn’t a DLC pack that you want to spend your money on. Keep in mind though that this DLC does expand your ability to improve your basic settlement immensely. Who knows, if you play your cards right, you might just be able to create a beacon of hope against the never ending fight against the hordes of mutants, raiders, and beasts that can be found in the Wasteland. All in all, I would rate this DLC an 8.5/10 if you are interested in base building and 0/10 if you never touch a workbench.


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