Far Harbor DLC Review

Jason Golling


  • Powerful new enemies
  • Immersive new atmosphere
  • More interesting quests
  • New weapons and armor
  • New items for settlement building
  • Massive area to explore
  • More choice than main game


  • Easily exploitable combat (with two of the new enemies)
  • The fog can cause performance issues

Bethesda has released their first major DLC for Fallout 4 since the game’s release. Far Harbor is set on a large island that have a few different factions on the verge of war, these factions are Acadia (a group of synth refugees), the Followers of Atom, and the citizens of Far Harbor (a small fishing town). You show up looking for a missing person as part of one of Nick Valentine’s detective cases.

The island of Far Harbor has a mysterious fog that covers most of the island and because of that there are groups of trappers that will attack anyone that they see on sight as the fog has made them go crazy (well…that, or they just hate everyone like raiders do). There are also a few other creatures such as Gulpers, Anglers, Fog Crawlers, and Giant Hermit Crabs. All of this comes together to make an atmosphere that feels vastly different, and on top of that it often feels about as dangerous as the glowing sea. There are also less bugs (the flying ones not bad code). So this means that instead of getting attacked by a bunch of stingwings you will get swarmed by ghouls or wolves, and rather than getting murdered by a deathclaw you will get torn apart by a fog crawler (slightly smaller than a mirelurk queen but much faster) or by a giant hermit crab (which use trucks and trailers as a shell).

Bethesda has listened to the fans, they have added many quests in the Far Harbor addition. Whether you are going to help a old lady avenge the death of her family members, or solve a murder for a bunch of robots that have been looking for a detective, there is always something to do in Far Harbor. This is, of course, in addition to the various faction quests that can lead to a faction being destroyed (so if you, like me, are a completionist make sure you are aware of that and proceed accordingly).

There are also new weapons and armor in the addition, most notably is the marine armor as it is the best non-power armor armor that you can get. In addition to the marine armor we also get a few other weapons and armor such as coastal/trapper armor, wetsuit, radium rifle, lever action rifle, harpoon, and a few others. This new gear adds to the already massive number of weapons that you are carrying…you know…in case you need to kill a boss using 52 different weapons, then we will see who is laughing. Also going with how much you are carrying keep in mind that the marine armor is also very heavy so that will help keep you just under being overencumbered.

There have also been additions to the settlement building that will help you to keep your settlement looking fresh. They have added the ability to build barn structures (which actually have a semi-new looking paint job on them) and on top of that you can now have large doors on buildings. You can now also have various smaller items for decoration. For instance you can have a pile of boxes in the corner and in the other corner you can get a pile of barrels with a net on it… the possibilities are virtually endless. In addition to that there are also a bunch of little decorations added with the DLC.

More than anything else the island that is Far Harbor is HUGE. Much larger than say the Pit, or the Point Lookout expansions from Fallout 3. I have completed the main story as well as various side quests in Far Harbor, and it feels as if I have still only scratched the surface on what there is to explore and find.

Finally, I wanted to mention a few issues that I have with the Far Harbor DLC. Two of the new creatures would normally be super hard to fight, which are the gulpers and the anglers. However, the combat while fighting these two is easily exploitable, if you walk around them in a circle while shooting at them they cannot hit you at all. While it would be fun to chalk this up to the creatures being too dizzy to hit anything, the truth is that both the ranged and melee attacks cannot turn quick enough while this ishappening. This means that these would be fierce enemies are now as easy as coming across a couple of radroaches.

The only other issue that has come up is that the fog on the island will decrease your framerate. The PS4 decreases below 20 FPS at times during the fog, which is even worse than what happens when you play on the Xbox or PC, so tough luck PlayStation fans but you are going to have a rough time with Far Harbor.

All in all Far Harbor is a great DLC and well worth the money I would recommend it to anyone who played Fallout 4. Far Harbor is exactly how a DLC should be, as in it has a new map area, new weapons and armor, as well as new creatures and story.


Rating: Everyone

If you played Fallout 4 (and enjoyed) you should get this DLC.


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