Five Best Star Wars games

Jason Golling

Despite how popular the Star Wars Franchise is there are a lot of Star Wars games that are just bad, however some of them are amazingly awesome and need to be played. Below are the top five Star Wars games, also as a side note to avoid repetition only one game from each title will be shown.

1: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) is an epic RPG that takes place 1000 years before the events of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. If that setting doesn’t sound good enough for you there is a Jedi civil war taking place and there are thousands of Jedi and Sith fighting over the galaxy. KOTOR is the classic good against evil scenario, however you are free to choose which side you want to take and your actions will not only changed the outcome of the game, but they will also alter how different companions will act and you can even get some of your companions to leave you if you are too extreme for them. Speaking of Companions there are nine different companions to choose from, ranging from a homicidal robot to a Wookie.

There are seven different planets to explore in your search for the star forge (massive Sith space station), you will have to find star maps on each of these planets and piece them together. Along with the planets there are also a few different space stations and ships that you will find yourself on. In the end KOTOR is still fun to this day and is the best Star Wars game made as of yet.

2: Star Wars Battlefront 2

The second best Star Wars game also happens to be one of the few games to ever have a four player Co-Op story mode, Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Battlefront 2’s story mode takes place during the Clone Wars and the short time following the end of the Clone Wars. The story however, is not what makes Battlefront so epic, it is the gameplay and multiplayer that does.

With game modes ranging from galactic conquest (which is a large scale game mode where you will have to manage money and buy new units in between ground or space battles) all the way to game modes such as capture the flag. This alone is more content than most games come out with recently, however Battlefront is just getting started there are playable Heroes and Villains, and drivable vehicles. Along with that there are eight (including space battles) different playable classes for each of the four different teams, and on top of that there are 23 different playable Heroes/Villains, as well as another seven neutral species playable in certain game modes. Just when you thought they must have run out of ideas for content you realize that there are 18 unique land maps. All of this is just the base game! The sheer amount of quality and unique content puts Battlefront 2 at second place for this list.

3: Star Wars: Republic Commando

Rolling in at third place is Star Wars: Republic Commando, a first person shooter that makes you remember why they call them “super” battle droids. Republic Commando is set during Star Wars: The Clone Wars, you play as the leader of Delta squad an elite group of clone commandos. You are tasked with many difficult missions and must use your squad commands as well as your own skill in order to accomplish your goals. The missions are widely varied and keep you wanting more as you travel across Geonosis, a Jedi cruiser and even Kashyyyk.

There are many ways to play whether you just want to run into a room guns blazing and then wait to be revived by your teammates, or you can play strategically and avoid becoming incapacitated. Watch as Republic Commando tries to get you attached to your squad only to have you lose one of your team members with a cliffhanger ending that is unresolved to this day (despite the fact that it was released 11 years ago). That being said Republic Commando has an enjoyable story as well as a competent multiplayer mode those together bring it to third place.

4: Lego Star Wars

While Lego Star Wars may be childish in nature, it is still a great game. For anyone who doesn’t know Lego Star Wars is set in the prequels and is all animated Legos. While some of the other entries on this list are best played alone Lego Star Wars is much better played with a friend. While you are invincible you still have some encouragement not to die, as you will drop money every time you do. This can create an interesting dynamic in gameplay as you wonder if player 2 needs his money as much as you do. On thing that Lego Star Wars does exceptionally well is replayability. Every mission has areas that you cannot enter until you come back in free play so you can either break through a wall or hack a computer. These things together create an interesting dynamic putting Lego Star Wars Firmly in fourth place.

5: Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer

Back in the days of the Nintendo 64 Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer was released. It was a podracing game that you are able to not only pick who your racer is but you are also able to upgrade your podracer. As a podracer you are able to move up through the different tournaments and race on many unique tracks. There are many features that this has that even some modern racing games don’t have. For example the ability to choose which racer you want to be, this is nearly unheard of. Another feature that this old relic has that some newer games don’t (namely Forza) upgradable vehicles. You would think this to be a no brainer, however Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer was ahead of its time and is still quite enjoyable to play from time to time.

Now that you know which of the multitude of Star Wars games are the best you can know which you are going to play next. Do you disagree with my list? If so leave a comment below and I would love to talk about it.


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