PC vs. Console

Jason Golling

Probably the most commonly known video game dispute is platform. Xbox and Playstation both have a following of fans, both of which say that their platform is better than the other for one reason or another. On top of that there is a large group of people that follow PC and will tell you that without a doubt in their mind that PC is the best platform. The question remains, what are the real differences? I will be leaving Nintendo out of this because they have a different target audience than everyone else and don’t appear to be in direct competition with any other platforms.

Let’s start off by comparing the two major consoles, which are PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Counting only products that have already released the PlayStation 4 is a slim console that is slightly more powerful than the Xbox One (unless comparing them side by side you can’t really tell). Meanwhile the Xbox One is much more bulky, however it has an HDMI playthrough plug which is for cable TV. As far as price goes you would be better off looking for the Xbox One as you can easily find it for under $300 online (sometimes as low as $250), meanwhile the PS4 is going for about $350. Finally let’s talk about exclusives, both consoles have many exclusives and while there is no particular focus PlayStation tends to focus more on the RPG games while Xbox One tends to focus on the FPS games, this is all up to preference and opinion.

As a whole the Xbox One and PS4 are very similar in most aspects of usability. Both consoles are very easy to set up and get playing, and both use a controller for everything (unlike PC which uses a mouse and keyboard). Both consoles have apps available to use for things such as Netflix and YouTube, and these apps are closed source so you don’t have to worry as much about the apps not working. On top of that gaming consoles are typically cheaper than gaming PCs of the same power.

PC gaming is what many consider to be the best way to play video games, however the question remains is PC gaming really better? Let’s start with the pros of the PC, firstly you can get games cheaper during things such as Steam sales and on other sites, which can help offset the cost of the computer hardware. That being said the regular prices are still comparable with games for consoles. On PC you have the ability to upgrade your computer hardware (don’t forget the monitor) for better graphics than consoles can handle, Another good thing about PC is that you can use either the mouse and keyboard, Xbox controller, or PS controller for gaming.

While the PC can be the most powerful and most diverse there are still quite a few issues involved, for instance unless you build your own computer you will be hard pressed to get a computer that is comparable with the PS4 or Xbox One without spending more money than either of those cost. Another issue with PC is compatibility, because not all games and hardware are compatible so you could find yourself trying to play a game that your GPU is not compatible with, granted this is usually only an issue for older games but it is still something to be aware of. Another fairly common issue is when a company will make a bad port for their game and some games *cough Batman Arkham Knight  *cough are nearly unplayable due to the fact that it is a bad port.

Whichever you believe to be the best for the most part they are very similar and it is up to preference which platform that you choose. As for myself I own a gaming PC and an Xbox One, as for my preference they are the best. Which platform do you like the most? Let me know in the comments.


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