Pokedex Update! Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon News


Leaked on 6/30/16, and confirmed on 7/1/16, some very exciting news was dropped concerning both Pokemon Sun  and Pokemon Moon! Seven new pokemon were announced, and each one looks quite exciting. (See the bottom of the article for a link to the trailer)

Tapu Koko

1. Topu Koko

Starting the trailer is Tapu Koko. As far as I know, this is the very first pokemon to have two words to its name. Furthermore, there is quite a bit of information concerning Tapu Koko. Within one of the first trailers, it is speculated Tapu Koko could be related to the four ancient Hawaiian mythological “Island Guardians”. Evidence further supports this idea since within the game, there is reported to be four main islands within the region. Could this be one of them or even a legendary pokemon in its own right? All that is known with certainty is Tapu Koko is an Electric-Fairy dual type pokemon. Within the trailer, it looks like it’s doing a serious number on Slowbro. Even activating its new ability Electric Maker, an ability form of the move Electric Terrain. No pokemon can fall asleep and it boosts Electric type moves. All in all, Tapu Koko should at least spark a change within the pokemon competitive metagame.

2. Charjabug

Looking like a mix between a carboard box and miniature tank, Charjabug could potentially be an evolution to a previously announced pokemon, Grubbin. It definitely is shaped like a cocoon and even has the little fangs in front suggesting it just might be. Both an Electric and Bug type, it shares many characteristics with both Joltik and Galvantula. Thanks to its typing, it looks like Charjabug can hold its own against that pesky yet all too common Flying type with its distinct electric type. In my opinion, I like Charjabug’s design that keeps it simple yet cute.


3. Vikavolt

As can be seen, Vikavolt is definitely the evolution to Charjabug. As such it also sports the Bug/Electric dual typing as mentioned before. However, that is where the similarities seem to end. Where Charjabug was overly simplistic and seemingly designed to be cute, Vikavolt seems to be the opposite. With menacingly powerful pincers, it looks more than ready to turn the tables against any bird who dares challenge it. It also has a pretty sleek shape and sharp angular wings to back it up. Put simply, Vikavolt looks like it would be a great addition to pokemon team.

4. Drampa

I know what you’re thinking… No Falkor from Neverending Story did not suddenly make an appearance in Pokemon (and neither did Valoo from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker). All joking aside, this crazy looking dragon is quite unique, even by pokemon standards. He has an all new ability called Frenzy, which raises its Special Attack. How often or under what circumstances are unknown but perhaps it is similar to other abilities like Huge Power, Justified, or even Moody (an ability that has been quite controversial within the competitive arena). In addition, Drampa has been confirmed to be a Normal Dragon dual type and so it should provide some interesting moveset possibilities. That isn’t to say that many dragons cannot learn a lot of Normal type moves but because of its typing, Drampa can get a certain attack bonus (STAB) when using these kinds of moves. Therefore, it provides more incentive to have it learn them. Combined with Dragon typing (and therefore moves/attack bonus), Drampa could prove to be quite a powerful ally in the near future.

Tapu Koko

5. Bruxish

Bruxish can be quite a sight. It doesn’t look too attractive or even appealing. Sadly, even its typing isn’t overly unique considering it is both a Water type and Psychic type. However, it looks like its new ability Dazzling could also be a game changer. Within the trailer, Kangaskan might be using Fake-Out, or its priority equivalent (sorry, I don’t know Japanese ;/ ), yet the move fails. Meaning, it looks like pokemon with the ability Dazzling STOP priority moves. Again, from a competitive aspect this single ability has great potential to heavily changing the metagame mostly consisting of aggressive priority move using Talonflames. Plus, it has type advantage to put a quick end to such an enormous threat. In the end, Bruxish itself might not be completely fun to look at, despite its bright colors, and its typing might not help it edge out other potential pokemon. Rather, its ability might be its saving grace. After all, when the fish seems to be modeled after Hawaii’s state fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, creativity can only help so much.

6. Cutiefly

What looks to be yet another bug, comes in Cutiefly. At least it lives up to its name. Cutiefly looks like a mosquito that many people might not mind having around. What’s more, even though it looks quite frail, Cutiefly is both Bug and Fairy meaning if given the chance, it can do quite a number on some otherwise powerful pokemon like Dragonite or Garchomp. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking but here’s to hoping our favorite mosquito-bug thing has the potential to destroy such a commanding Dragon. Because, what would be more epic than the tale of Cutiefly the Dragon Destroyer?


7. Togedemaru

Sadly, Togedemaru doesn’t look like it has too much substance to it. Looking like like Plusle, Minun, Emolga, Pacharisu, and a few others, I think players have seen more than their fair share than Pikachu clones. Despite this, Game Freak still decides to put one or two in for those who are just starting their Pokemon journey. Combine Dedenne, a short round puffball, and a porcupine and the result is Togedemaru. Little triangular spikes sometimes come out of its body in a way that somehow looks cute yet maintains the integrity of the character. Similar to Magnemite, this clone interestingly both Electric and Steel. I’m not entirely sure how its Steel typing is going to factor into the effectiveness of the pokemon but what I do know for sure is it looks pretty dang cute.


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