RuneScape Returns to its Roots

Bob McFadden

RuneScape is widely known for its nostalgic value. It’s the game that pretty much everyone played around 10-15 years ago, but many are unaware that it even still exists today. RuneScape was originally created by two brothers out of their parent’s house in Nottingham. Those brothers, Andrew and Paul Gower, were responsible for imagining this crazy world and instituting the game’s signature humor and basement-grown charm. They developed the game into a browser-based phenomenon in the 2000’s, before leaving the company in 2010.

RuneScape has undergone many changes since their departure, and the game has a completely different look and feel now, as well as new lore and direction for the future. In 2011, Jagex even controversially removed their names from the credits, making it clear that the game was moving forward without them. But some long for the signature style that the Gower brothers brought to the table. Well, in June, these wishes will be granted, as they will return to direct their very own quest to celebrate RuneScape‘s 15-year anniversary.

This nostalgic quest will immortalize Andrew and Paul as in-game characters, finally properly recognizing them for their contributions to the game. Further, this quest will showcase everything that made RuneScape unique in its early days. It will bring back a revival of RuneScape‘s weird and wacky signature humor, and will revolve around one of the game’s longest ongoing jokes: cabbages.

In the very earliest versions of RuneScape, a word filter was implemented that substituted offensive text with the word “cabbage”. Numerous jokes and references to cabbages were made throughout RuneScape‘s history, all referring to their terrible taste. This all stems back to Andrew Gower injecting his personality into the game via his absolute hatred of cabbage.

The quest will see the brothers living on the Gower Farm in Misthalin. They are “cabbagemancers” failing to grow cabbages in their cabbage patches, which have apparently stopped working properly. The quest will be packed with references to RuneScape‘s history, forgotten NPC backstories, old-school puzzles, and that classic RuneScape perspective. The quest will have extremely minimal level requirements, and is free for all players! So it is the perfect chance for any player to log back in and get a little taste of their childhood. RuneScape‘s website reads, “Requirements are low and it is perfect for absolutely every one of you guys to try out – whether you see yourself as free, old school, classic or modern, you simply have to give it a go.”

The quest will be added to the game on a Monday in June, probably in the middle of the month on the 13th or 20th. Be sure to log in and get a blast from the past! As for now, you can watch an awesome interview with the Brothers Gower below.


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