Skyrim Review

Jason Golling

Want a game to get lost in for a few weeks, Skyrim is the game you have been looking for.


  • Great combat gameplay.
  • Intuitive leveling system.
  • Many diverse builds.
  • Great side quests.
  • Many races to choose from.
  • Immersive and huge world to explore.
  • Smithing and enchanting system helps you to get hard to find weapons and armor.
  • Vast amounts of lore.
  • Dragons add to the atmosphere immensely (both physically and metaphorically).
  • You are free to do whatever you want with little to no limitation.
  • There are many secrets and easter eggs hidden across Skyrim.


  • You will spend so much time interacting with the world of Skyrim that you may forget to interact with the real world.

One of the best things about Skyrim is the way that the skills and leveling system works, whenever you use a certain skill such as one handed that skill will level up the more that you use it. When you have enough skills rank up you will level up, it is at this point that you will get a perk point to apply to some aspect of one of your skills. In addition to that you will also be able to permanently add 10 points to either your health, stamina, or magicka. The leveling system feels like it is a balanced and logical way to have you level up.

Because of how the leveling system works, it allows for many different builds and playstyles. You can have near any combination of spells, shouts, swords, axes, maces, hammers, shields, staffs, and bows. Whether this means that you are a battlemage with heavy armor or a sneaky assassin that nobody notices until death you can choose your playstyle with as much freedom as possible. Another thing that can change your playstyle is your race. You can be a Nord, Redguard, Imperial, or many more. These different races allow you to choose your own playstyle based off of the race or you can just go way off base and be an Orc mage.

The vast amount of side quests in Skyrim leave you wondering if you will ever finish them all (which for most people is not going to happen). In fact there are so many side quests (both large and small) that if you wanted to you could ignore the main quest line and still have a great time with the game. There are side quests that range from you responding to a dark ritual and killing the lady in charge of an orphanage, all the way to helping someone reclaim their home from bandits that have taken it from him. In fact there are approximately 430 side quests. granted quite a few of these are small fetch quests, but a large portion of them are large and enjoyable quests.

There is a vast amount of interesting and in depth lore involved in Skyrim, much of it is plain to see, and much more of it is hidden in books waiting to be read. In Skyrim one of the largest and most in your face things is the appearance of dragons. These dragons have just returned to Skyrim when you start to explore the world. The dragons help to make the game both more interesting and more challenging.

Another enjoyable thing about Skyrim is the amount of freedom given to the player to do whatever you please. This means that you could become the most wanted and dangerous criminal to ever walk the lands of Skyrim, or you could do the right thing and be the good guy (that is until you need a horse and don’t want to buy one…nobody is perfect).

Yet another aspect of Skyrim that gives you freedom is the ability to buy your own house, now that you have a place to store all the random junk that you keep carrying around (for some reason) you don’t have to worry if the trader has the money to buy all your junk so you don’t have to be over encumbered. The creators of Skyrim also have placed some Easter eggs around the map that you can discover, such as a skeleton frozen upside down to the ceiling with a shining sword next to him. In that cave you will also find a frost troll.

I could not come up with any cons to Skyrim other than the fact that you will be so busy interacting with the world of skyrim, that you may forget to do the same thing in real life. All in all this game deserves an astonishing 10/10!


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