Skyrim Walkthrough: Daedra – Molag Bal

Jason Golling

The world of Skyrim has many Daedric Lords, one of which is known as Molag Bal, the Lord of Domination. When you come in contact with him you have two options, you can either leave knowing that you will not fall for the tricks of an evil being, or you can work for him and get a rather sweet mace to maim people with (sometimes being evil has its perks). If the allure of a fancy mace is all it takes to make you kill than you have definitely come to the right place.

First things first, if you want to get the mace of Molag Bal then first step is to start the quest titled “The House of Horrors”, which can be found in the town of Markarth. You need to talk to Vigilant Tyranus, he will be standing by the abandoned house that is straight ahead of the front gate. If you are having difficulty finding him, then you can simply talk to the innkeeper and ask for rumors. Interacting with the innkeeper will open a questline to find him (though you may have to ask a few times in order for this to take effect).

Vigilant Tyranus will ask you about the abandoned house to see if anyone has been entering or leaving. If you ask him why he is asking about the house, he will mention that he suspects a Daedra worshiper is using this house, and he intends to put a stop to it. Should you choose to help him with his mission he will lead you into the house. Once you get to the basement of the home, some random objects in the room will start to shake and fly around causing him to wimp out, turn chicken, and run out of his mission and head for the exit (and possibly the hills – coward). Follow the Vigilant to see if he is able to make it out of the house or not.

As you are chasing after Tyranus, Molag Bal’s voice can be heard saying that one of you is weak and that he wants the strong one to kill the other. If you kill Vigilant Tyranus, Molag Bal will then tell you to come downstairs for a reward. If you decide that you will not be tempted by an evil lord so you do not attack the Vigilant he will attack you, after you kill him then you will be asked to come downstairs for a reward. Sadly, there is no way for you to get out of the house without killing Vigilant Tyranus.

When you return downstairs, you will find a Daedric altar which has an old and rusted looking mace sticking out of it. However, when you go to claim the mace as your own, a cage springs up from the floor and traps you, it is at this point when Molag Bal starts to belittle you for thinking that you would get a reward for something so easy.

Following that he tells you to do some more of his dirty work, namely he wants you to find and free Logrolf the Willful. The reason for this mission is that Logrolf dared to use Molag Bal’s altar to worship someone else. Molag Bal suspects that if you release him from his current captivity then Logrolf will return to the altar to continue using it for this purpose (therefore, continuing to disgrace Molag Bal). Should you comply (unlike any normal, “sane,” person should) you will have to travel to, and enter, a nearby fortress overrun with Falmer. In order to get there all that you need to do is follow the main road leaving Markarth, and take a left where the Khajiit trading camp sometimes sets up camp.

As you are traveling down the road you will chance across a few Falmer that for some reason want you dead…hmm, not sure why…anyways continue straight on the pathway. You will know that you are on the right road when you come across the cave pictured below. Shortly after that, you will cross over a large stone bridge, just over which is the fortress in question. Remember, you can have your quest marker up, and also follow that to ensure you are traveling in the correct direction.

Proceed through the castle (being careful to keep an eye out for traps of course) and once you get past them all you will come out on the roof, dispatch the archer that is on the roof and walk into the other castle tower that the archer was standing by. When you enter this tower, make sure to watch out for the trap in the center of the floor, and be advised that there will be a harder Falmer to fight in this room.

Once you have dispatched the Falmer, you will find Logrolf the Willful locked in a cell in the back of the room. You will find that when you talk to him for some reason he needs some additional convincing that you are actually here to save him. Apparently killing the people that were holding him (and potentially going to be doing much worse to him) isn’t enough to endear you to him. Must be his distrustful nature or something.

Upon being freed, Logrolf runs off without a word, which is frankly quite rude considering you just saved his life. However, since he goes straight to the altar of Molag Bal, it’s not too difficult to find him again. In fact, when you get to the altar you will find that he has been trapped in much the same way that you were earlier. It is at this point that Molag Bal finally gives you the weapon for which you originally came here. The mace is badly rusted and appears to not be very useful at all. However, Molag Bal being the loveable guy that he is, demands that you beat Logrolf to death with the rusted mace, not once, nor twice, but three times. It is only when we are beginning to lose patience with Molag Bal’s demands (if you haven’t already that is) and his fancy mace when it returns to looking like new. Now that you have another deadly weapon in your arsenal, you can continue to make the world that much less populated, and continue to exude your dominance over everything that you see in the name of your new patron…Molag Bal.


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