Skyrim Walkthrough: Daedra - Namira

Jason Golling

The world of Skyrim has many Daedric Princes, one of which is known as Namira, the Mistress of Decay. When you come across one of this Daedra’s followers an individual named Eola, the reason that you will have been there is due to the fact that they are eating the dead in the hall of the dead (located in Markarth). Should you choose not to get involved in this that will be the end of it, they will not hunt or pursue you, however should you join them you will be required to eat someone (yes you read that right) although they do give you Namira’s ring which increases your stamina and for a limited time after “feeding” you can have faster health regeneration.

If this interests you, then you will need to start the quest called “The Taste of Death” to do this head to the understone keep located in Markarth. Not far from the entrance of the keep you will find a priest named Brother Verulus arguing with a Nord. The Nord is getting mad because they cannot visit their dead and the priest is dodging all of his questions. When you talk to the priest and ask him about the hall of the dead he will try to dodge your questions. However, you can persuade him to let you help. Once that is taken care of he will task you with taking care of the issue in the hall of the dead and he will give you the key. When you walk into the room you will hear someone talking to you and as you walk through the room they will continue to speak until they reveal themselves. Eola will tell you to meet her outside of a nearby cave so that you can help her clear it out.

Following that you leave the Hall of the Dead and inform Brother Verulus that there will be no more problems with the Hall of the Dead. Should you choose to continue with your joining of this cannibalistic cult head to the aforementioned cave and meet up with Eola. The cave is full of Draugrs and shouldn’t be too much trouble, however when you get to the end of the cave there is a Draugr overlord (depending on your level he could be worse) so if you are low level be prepared. Once the cave is empty Eola will want you to convince Brother Verulus to join you all for a feast.

When you talk to him he will be easy to persuade to come with you and you can easily bring him back to the altar at which he will die. Upon arrival Brother Verulus will enter a trance like state and will lay down on the altar, you have to eat first, upon which time you will be awarded the ring of Namira so that you can continue to eat people at your leisure (Bon Appetit…Hannibal).


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