Supergirl Dropped by CBS, CW Picks up the Torch

Bob McFadden


Supergirl’s time at CBS is over, but the series will live on at the CW, along with partner-shows based on DC properties including Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. CBS took a risk with Supergirl, which ranked as its most expensive first-year show to make. CBS made great efforts to generate positive buzz for the series, potentially including a suspicious HD leak of the pilot episode that randomly appeared almost a full year ago. The buzz was at least somewhat effective, as Supergirl was able to achieve the rank of #1 CBS drama with adults 18-49.

But in the end, the average viewership of about 10 million was not enough for CBS to justify continuing the expense of about $3 million an episode. Rather than cancelling the show, however, production will continue in the more cost-effective Vancouver, where all of the other DC-comics shows are filmed. Greg Berlanti will head Supergirl, along with the other three DC TV shows, under the same tent.

Fans have no need to fret about this switch, however. These lower operating costs are nothing new, as the series had already begun the switch part-way through this season. After an expensive start filming in Los Angeles, the latter part of Season 1 was already produced less expensively in Canada. So if you didn’t notice a difference then, you have nothing to worry about for the future. Additionally, what the show may lose in expensive CG pizazz, it can now make up for in shared-universe storytelling. Supergirl, which has already had one crossover with The Flash, now has an open opportunity for even more crossovers with DC shows. A move to the CW will allow Supergirl to embrace the geeky vibe that makes comic book fans love shows like Arrow and The Flash so much.


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