Titanfall 2 Review

Jason Golling
  • The campaign is the best I have seen in quite some time.
  • Fast paced movement and action keeps the game moving.
  • With everything added the game world feels much more alive and full.
  • Much more customization for multiplayer (about double).
  • Many more game modes for multiplayer.
  • All DLC map packs are free.
  • While there are a lot of weapons they don’t feel very different.
  • Due to the bad timing of the release date the number of people online is nearly abysmal.
  • The single player campaign is a little short.

Titanfall 2 recently released and despite the surprisingly low sales, due to the fact they release so close to two other large titles, is an engaging and addicting game with a lot to offer. Unlike its predecessor, Titanfall 2 has a lot of customization and it has a single player campaign, both of which were large complaints about their first entry to the series.

Firstly I want to talk about the absolutely amazing campaign, without getting into any spoilers, you play as Jack Cooper who ends up being field promoted due to nearly all of the nearby friendlies being killed you are then tasked with finishing your mission with nothing but a titan named BT. The story is paced quite well, and you progress through areas both with and without your titan’s assistance. While the campaign is not too long (5-7 hours) it is engaging and it is the best single player campaign I have played since the Modern Warfare series or perhaps even Halo: Combat Evolved. All in all if you like single player missions this is for you.

The overall movement system of the game keeps everything moving fluidly and it does not feel at all forced. Basically the first Titanfall has some of the best movement and Titanfall 2 expands on it and makes the wall running and general movement feel great, after all why else would Call of Duty be trying to copy it since the first Titanfall. The better movement along with the campaign adding extra lore and the massive expansive single player levels helps to bring the world alive and feel more realistic as a whole.

Some of the most prominent issues and complaints were that the multiplayer did not bring enough customization and if you didn’t buy the season pass you wouldn’t play with the same people online. However while making Titanfall 2 Respawn Entertainment didn’t make the same mistake. Not only are all of the DLC maps going to be free to all users but there is much more customization to be done for both your titan and your pilot. This time around there are nearly twice as many customizable options for everything which adds much more playtime and will keep Titanfall interesting much much longer.

While there is a lot to like in Titanfall 2, as with every game, there are some things that aren’t that good, namely my biggest issue with the game is that while there are quite a few weapons to choose from they didn’t feel that different from each other. I never felt that one machine gun had any edge or different use over another. This goes for the machine guns and marksman rifles alike, both of those types felt nearly the same (with few exceptions), however the shotguns (while there are only two of them) both felt very different and useful for many scenarios, one has a fast fire rate and large magazine, while the other is pump action and has awe inspiring range. As good as the campaign is, its only drawback is the fact that it is pretty short, and I have been left wishing that it could continue in more content in the future.

Lastly I wanted to talk about the absolutely horrible timing for the release date. The game release right in between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare this timing is quite possibly the worst time for a FPS shooter to release, due to that release date the number of people online is low (for the time being that is), however I take it that once people see what this game is the number will increase despite the rough start to the online multiplayer.

Rating: Everyone

If you are at all interested in getting a new FPS Titanfall 2 is a great choice, or if you just love a good story mode in a game it covers that base as well. All in all a great game.


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