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APPEARING: All Three Days

KNOWN FOR: Willow, Batman Forever, Top Gun, The Saint, Real Genius, Tombstone

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Val Kilmer is a Stage, Film, and Voice Actor best known for his roles in Top Gun, Batman Forever, Prince of Egypt, The Saint, Heat, Tombstone, The Doors, and Willow.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Val Kilmer studied at Hollywood’s Professional’s School. In his teens, he entered Juilliard’s drama program. Val’s professional acting career began on stage, and he still participates in theater; he played Hamlet at the 1988 Colorado Shakespeare Festival. His film debut was in the spoof Top Secret! wherein he starred as blond rock idol Nick Rivers.

Despite his obvious talent and range, it wasn’t until his astonishingly believable performance as Jim Morrison in Oliver Stone’s The Doors that the world sat up and took notice. Kilmer again put his good baritone to use in the movie, performing all of the concert pieces. Since then, he has played two more American legends, Elvis Presley in True Romance and Doc Holliday in Tombstone.

Val will be appearing in The Snowman with Michael Fassbender, and The Super later this year.


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