Villains Vault - The Prophets

Jason Golling
Name –

The Prophets

Alias –
  • Prophet of Truth
  • Prophet of Mercy
  • Prophet of Regret
 Powers –
  • Covenant armada
  • Highly advanced technology
  • Religious loyalty from military
Arch Enemy –
Bio –

The Prophets are the three Hierarchs of the Covenant Empire. The Covenant Empire is an enormous alien nation that have been around since about 800 BC and worship the mysterious forerunners, an advanced and ancient species that is nearly extinct. They spend most of their time exploiting life that they find and studying artifacts from the forerunners, which is where they got most of their technology which is arguably their biggest downfall. I say that because since they rely so much on the technology that they find they do not create their own tech very often, this can be plainly seen by the fact that they still have for the most part the same tech that they had back when they formed some 3200 years before.

Their downfalls aside when the Covenant first find the humans they go on a genocidal purge in an attempt to keep their religion intact, as the very existence of the humans disproves their religion. Initially the human’s defense organization the UNSC (United Nations Space Command) were ill equipped to fight the still highly advanced Covenant and were losing world after world. When the Covenant would capture a world they would not set up a base or anything logical on the planet they would glass the planet to purge any other humans that were still there. Glassing the planet consists of an entire fleet blasting the planet with their plasma weapons until the entire surface of the planet is barren and destroyed.

The Prophets themselves usually sit on their floating chairs and command the armies, while the prophet of Truth and Mercy usually stay at the Covenant capital known as High Charity, the prophet of Regret will stay on the front lines with the army, in order to continue the search for more of the forerunner’s artifacts. The Prophets use the Elites or Sangheili as the main unit of the military as they are quite capable for combat and they are loyal to the Prophets… mostly… during Halo 2 uprisings were taking place and the Prophets replaced the Elite Honor guard with the Brutes otherwise known as the Jiralhanae. The Master Chief first comes to the Prophets attention when he destroys a Halo ring which is an enormous forerunner artifact.

Further Reading/Viewing –
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  • Halo 3
  • Halo Wars
  • Halo: The First Strike


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