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While there have been many companies cropping up latelly that provide bundles of “geek themed merchandise,” but the best (in iGeekOut’s opinion) has got to be the boxes put out by Loot Crate. This statement is easily supported by the fact that this company doesn’t just provide one type box, but rather instead seven differnt kinds of regular boxes and at least two different limited edition types of boxes ech month. Loot Crate also provides a different price for each of the types of boxes, with the lowest costing roughly $9.00, and the highest as as much $100.00 a month. Another interesting fact about Loot Crate is that each of their boxes (or “crates”) has a different theme, such as the one for the company’s namesake Loot Crate, which is “Dystopia.”  So come with us, and explore what you can get in this month’s crate!

Whether you sign up for a signle purchase, or an annual membership, each of your Loot Crate shipments will come in a black box that is marked with company’s logo. While the box may not look all that large, you will be amazed at the number of items that you get. With the “basic” Loot Crate, you get over $50.00 worth of merchandise each month…not a bad deal when you consider that you are paying roughly $14.00 a month.

You are given the option each month of either looking on line to see what the theme is going to be, or waiting the crate arrives and you open it up to see what the theme is. As you can see from the top of the box, you can see that this month’s theme is Dystopias. Also, this is when you will get your first initial look at what items you are getting. Just looking at this picture you can see that we will be getting something from Funko! Pop, a t-shirt, and what looks to be a puzzle. Additionally, looking closely you can see that there are other items located under these, so there is even more that we will be looking at here in just a minute.

Frankly, opening this box each month is often like opening a holiday or birthday present each month. You never really know what you are gonna get, but it is without a doubt goonna be cool.

The first item that was pulled out of the box was a Funko! Pop Dorbz vinyl character based off of the Fallout 4 video game’s power armor. This little guy is definitely a fun addition to any geek’s collection and definitely lives up to the Dystopia theme. The T-40 Power Armor that you can obtain in the game is arguably one of the most powerful armor suits, and helpful items that you can collect. If you are going to be wandering the wastes of the Dystopian future then this is definitely a must have in your collection of survival gear.

Is there really anything more Dystopian in nature than the Matrix? While you may not be able to get a full size poster in this particular crate, you can put a decent sized one together yourself. Best of all, this particular artwork is something that hasn’t been seen in any other venue. This particular puzzle is going to provide some fun distractions as it has 300 pieces to put together, and will be almost as challenging as the Matrix itself.

Sometimes Dystopias aren’t found in the future, but also in an alternate past, or even just in alternate relaities in general. One example of this can be seen in the fantastic Bioshock: Infinite game. Just like one of the main characters, Elizabeth, with this key in hand you will be able to unlock doors to new adventures, at least as long as you get this key blank cut properly. Good thing that you can take this real (and exclusive) key blank to any locksmith, and yo uwill have a brandnew key to your home.

You will also find a unique collectible pin. Each month you get a unique, and exclusive, pin in your crate which follows along with the monthly theme. Since this particular moth’s theme is Dystopia’s, it only makes sense to go back to the wastelands of Fallout 4. This month’s pin is the mininuke that you can use to blow your enemies sky-high. One of the unique features that you get with this pin (and any others that you collect) is that you will also be able to use the code on it to obtain some exclusive DLC available only for Loot Crate members. This particular DLC is based off of the Fallout Shelter mobile game.

The Terminator is an absolute must have in any Dystopia collection, and if you are looking for a potential ally in your Dystopian wanderings then you can’t pass up the second Terminator. He will never stop, and never give up, until your enemies are completely destroyed. Commemorate that alliance with this month’s exclusive T2 metal print that you receive.

Another common, and fantastic, item that you will get each month in your Loot Crate is the exclusive t-shirt. This month’s t-shirt commemorates the classic Dystopian themed movie (and it’s decent remake) Robo-Cop. If you signed up for Loot Crate for no other reason than to get this monthly item, it is well worth the price. After all, high quality t-shirts such as this often go for a minimum of $20.00 each. Loot Crate also has a wide range of sizes to meet most people’s needs.

Who couldn’t use a handbook to provide a little extra insight when attempting to navigate a Dystopian world? Each month Loot Crate provides an exclusive magazine which provides extra insigt and information into the merchandise that is sent in the crate. Often times, these magazines will also include some unique information or articles that cannot be found anywhere else. For example, an article in this month’s magazine covers “4 Things from Fallout 4 That We Want IRL.”

Hopefully you didn’t throw away the box that your merchandise came from. Each box allows you to turn it inside out and create a diorama that you can use to make your collections stand out just a little bit more. This month’s diorama scene is straight from Fallout 4, which works great with the power armor that you received earlier. Have fun!

As you can see, Loot Crate is a company that is looking for innovative and fun ways to provide unique merchandise to fans of all sorts. If you are interested in getting any of these kinds items, then you don’t want to delay in signing up. As with most kinds of subscribtion services, you do get a rate brake for the longer you sign up. Take a look at Loot Crate’s website NOW to see what you have missed out in the past, and explore what kind of things you can potentially get.


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